Ron and Laura Back Prayer Letter: God Is So Good!God is so good! Thank you all for praying for my health. I have almost fully recovered from COVID, and I don’t feel there will be any lasting effects from having it. The last two months have been crazy! We had another man in the church pass away. Unfortunately, he was the father-in-law of my friend Rodney, whose mother passed away last month. We are truly feeling emptiness in our church from the loss of these senior saints. Please pray for the Evans family, as they are continuing to grieve for their loved ones.

Because we contracted COVID, we were able to get a six-month exemption from getting the vaccine. These are hard to come by, and with them, we are still able to run the food bank and go to stores. Please pray that COVID passports will cease in the near future. We have a dear friend in Tasmania who may need to travel to the States for cancer treatment and is afraid of the vaccine for several reasons. Please also pray for this missionary family that God would heal her from her cancer.

We praise the Lord that we were able to have our family together for Thanksgiving. It truly was one of the most special days we have had in years. All of our children in Australia and their loved ones were able to be with us for a traditional Thanksgiving feast and to decorate for Christmas. It was especially sweet for Laura and me, as we live in a small house—the living room is only 9 feet by 9 feet—and we had 10 people in the house. As we are in the middle of summer and temperatures are milder than usual, we were able to be outside as well.

We would also ask you to pray for Missionary Russel Blanchard who, along with his family, is extremely ill, possibly with COVID. This is especially dangerous for him because he is still recovering from cancer and brain surgery. Please pray that God will open more doors for people to receive the Gospel and for us to be able to give the Gospel more freely. Praise the Lord, we are still able to letterbox, so that’s what we’re doing.

We also want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for being so supportive of us and for keeping us here on the field. Laura and I pray that the Lord will bless each and every one of your ministries for the next year and also for the Lord to come quickly so we can rejoice together in the air.


Ron Back
Missionary in Australia