Robert Tirado Prayer Letter:  Fourth Anniversary ServicesDear Pastor and Praying Friends,


“As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.” (Proverbs 25:25) We have good news to report to you of the multitude blessings of God in our lives and ministry. My family and I spent just over two months in the States as we diligently worked to obtain our Dominican visas and are very happy to report to you that we received our visas on May 10.

One of the blessings was the opportunity we had to visit some of our supporting churches, which were so gracious and generous towards us. It was great to see God’s hand on each pastor and the people of our faithful supporting churches. We also visited and presented our field to new churches as God gave us opportunity.

While we were Stateside, we had the blessing to see family and friends. We also got to meet our 10- month-old grandson Elijah for the first time! Angela, Elisabeth, and I were just thrilled to see and pass time with him. Well, he is pretty awesome. We have tons of pictures of him; whenever you have a few hours, I will show them to you!!

Our fourth anniversary services started just four days after we arrived back in the Dominican Republic. Our people worked hard and had a great time serving our Saviour. Pastor Terry Wilson preached five powerful messages that were greatly used of God in our people’s lives. All told, we had 21 people saved and many first-time visitors.


Please pray as one of our men, the driver transporting our people to our services, had to give the van he operated back to the van’s owner. We are praying that God would provide our church with another driver and van until we are able to purchase our own van. Please pray that God would provide the funds to be able to purchase a van for our church. Also, pray as we follow up on our new converts and visit the first- time attendees of our anniversary services.


Thank you for praying about our visas; certainly God heard and answered your prayers. My family and I are truly grateful for your faithful prayers and financial support of our ministry in Santo Domingo. It is an honor and a privilege to serve alongside you to reach the lost and edify God’s people.

For souls,

Roberto Tirado

PS. Pastor, if you have a ministry or personal e-mail address, please e-mail me at so that I can e-mail you when necessary.