Robert and Anny Wilson Prayer Letter:  The Wondrous of Works of GodWe would like to share with you stories of the wondrous works of God. Since our last letter, 62 new people have come to visit our churches, hundreds of people have attended our open-air services and rehabilitation facility meetings, and 42 people have been baptized in our ministries. May Christ be magnified!

I marvel at the results we have with our open-air meetings. We have been reaching out into areas that our routes cannot even reach. We have been going to both poor and more middle-class areas. People of all ages attend, and many entire families come. We have had as many as 450 people attend just one meeting. We do this every week, and many members participate. Every month we see hundreds of new people saved in these meetings and obtain dozens of new prospects. Many people come to visit our church services as a result of these meetings. Some remain as prospects for future routes or churches we plan to start.

Some of the greatest blessings of our ministry have been a result of our services in local rehabilitation facilities. My members accompany me to encourage these fallen men and women. We minister in several different rehabilitation centers. Our visit is the highlight of their lives. Our young people sing Gospel hymns and play guitar. I preach sermons on salvation and comfort. Afterward, my members and I impart encouragement and hope to these dear people.

I am very grateful for my godly family. My wife Anny cooks and cleans for the church, as well as visiting on and driving for a van route. She is also our church pianist. My 17-year-old son Robert teaches Sunday school, plays multiple instruments for our church specials, and teaches guitar to the new teens. My daughter Veronica plays guitar and violin in the church and also teaches Sunday school, with my 9-year-old daughter Rosalinda as her helper. I recently turned over the preaching of our open-air meetings to my son Robert. He has preached to hundreds of people since our last letter and has had hundreds of people saved. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!

“But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd.” (Matthew 9:36) As we reach out farther and farther with our routes and open-air meetings and as new people come pouring into our churches, I am left with a predicament—the need for more laborers. “. . . The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few.” Who will answer the call? I guess the obvious question you might ask is: “Why don’t I just put more of my members to work?” The reason is because so many brand-new Christians are flooding into our churches faster than we can raise up mature Christians to take care of them.

Please pray that God will raise up laborers for us from within our church membership and without. We also ask for your prayers for God’s protection. I request prayer for an extra helping of grace for me, your servant. We are praying for you.

In His service,

Robert Wilson