Peter Morris Prayer Letter:  Teaching Pastors Up-CountryThis is just a short note to let you know the battle to spread the Gospel across Kenya and fight false doctrine continues in East Africa. We are working to put a foundation in place that will continue to spread the Gospel and promote correct doctrine, whether we are present or not.

We have recently returned from traveling across Western Kenya and running pastors’ seminars in North Nyamira, Kisii, and Bungoma. We taught on “How to Start a Bible Institute in Your Local Church” and “How to Successfully Fulfill the Great Commission.” In the process of teaching the national Kenyan pastors, we ran discipleship classes, teaching both the content and the methods that are used to run a successful class. We delivered discipleship-lesson materials (Foundations of My Faith), Answers books, Understanding books, Established in the Faith books, King James Bibles, and Gospel tracts in English and Swahili.

We had over 65 attend our seminars. Each day we traveled from our local hotel for an hour along dusty, rocky, and some of the roughest roads you can imagine. We were blessed in one service, at a remote local church, to see over 20 saved. We are putting in place an ongoing foundation for the future. Every pastor has an impact on dozens of people. Many have had very little training, and we are looking to help these understand and teach correct doctrine, how to lead others to Christ, how to disciple new Christians, and how to send out others to plant new churches.

We thank you for your financial and ongoing prayer support.

Please pray for:

• Our growing team as they travel on deputation.
• Finances to assist our escalating printing and seminar costs.
• The need for a sturdy vehicle to handle the rough conditions.
• Our health, as most of our team members have had some health issues; however, currently we are all well.

Thank you for partnering with us as we take the Gospel and set up a foundation for an ongoing work across East Africa.

You may have seen that on January 15, there was a terrorist attack here in Nairobi where 21 died. This is the same complex where one of my doctors has his office located. I have now been in four places, three of which are here in Kenya, where there have been terrorist attacks; and now we have once again been notified by the U.S. Embassy that there is a “credible threat.” Please pray for our safety.

God bless you!

Your co-labourers in Christ,

Peter, Melody and Lindsay Morris