More Souls Saved

Continuing on from our previous prayer letter, the second half of our trip was as exciting as the first. In the following paragraphs, I have tried to give you an overall insight into the many things that can go on in only a short period of time and how God’s hand is obvious in the way He works things out for His glory. For the longer version, please send us your email address, and we will email you our prayer letter with pictures.

We met Wright Jobson and his two friends, Erik and Geoffrey. We were in Kilgoris, a remote town in Southwestern Kenya near the border of Kisii and Masai Districts. I was out soul winning with Andy Richey, his son Stephen, and John, a Kenyan man who had recently started a Bible study in the area. Walking along the road, we met a young man who introduced himself as Wright Jobson.

He was an unusual young man who obviously knew Scripture but was not saved. On questioning him, we found out he was a teacher of religion and the principal at a local school. He said he did not know he was going to Heaven because “there was something missing.” I told him, “I know what’s missing,” and he immediately invited us back to his home. There we had the blessing of leading him to the Lord, along with his two friends Erik and Goeffrey.

This led to Wright Jobson’s family, Erik’s family, 39 students, and 4 adults being saved; a chapel service being started at the school on a weekly basis; and Geoffrey committing to starting a Bible study at Nairobi University with the help of a national pastor in Nairobi. Today there is a new church of 30 in that remote town, growing both in number and in spirit under the supervision of Pastor John Nkome, an experienced national pastor who has his own church only half an hour away. In their short life as new Christians, these young men have played a part in seeing more than 50 people saved and a new church started. Praise the Lord!

In a remote town called Bomet, once again our vehicle was making strange noises and needed attending to. We stopped at a petrol station to get our front bearings replaced. We went for a walk and stopped at a small shop, where we met Mr. Cheruiyot Elijah, who, after a short discussion, invited us to his school, where he was principal, to preach the Gospel.

On returning to the petrol station, we met a man who we found out was principal auditor with the Kenya Revenue Authority. He was to be a considerable help to us later in our trip, as we investigated the importation requirements to bring Christian teaching materials into the country. We also got to meet a biomedical engineer with the local government, who may also be of great assistance to us in the future. The day was long, but God made it profitable.

Later in the trip, we had the opportunity to visit the Masai in their natural environment, in a village called a manyatta, where the huts are made of clay and arranged in a circle to protect their cattle at night. We were blessed with being able to see 4 young men, who were dressed in their Masai sheets carrying their weapons, receive Christ as their Saviour.

The following week we got to know the area a little better visiting Eastern Baptist Church with Pastor Kennedy Obiko Ototo, where we saw the new floor we had given money towards and the new latrines for the school, which is now running over 150 students. We had a video night and had over 150 in attendance. Andy Richey, a member of Team East Africa, preached a salvation message, and we saw the majority put up their hand attesting to their salvation.

Melody and Connie had a one-day ladies’ meeting with 65 in attendance. The ladies did a wonderful job of teaching the ladies of Olorupa Lighthouse Baptist Church, along with visitors from other churches. Lindsay, our eight year old, sang a special, as did Mrs. Connie Richey. Ten ladies were saved, and many were greatly encouraged.

On the way back to Nairobi, we were asked by one of the pastors who attended our conference if we could stop at his town and have a one-day seminar with 25 pastors who could not attend our recent conference. We taught on the King James Bible, false doctrine, Christian music, and soul winning. We were very well received and saw one receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

Please pray for:

• More laborers for the harvest. We are looking for more families to join our team to take the Gospel to East Africa.
• More financial and prayer support for each missionary family with TEAM EAST AFRICA.
• Safety as our team members travel around the country on deputation.
• Our health both here and in Kenya.
• US$1680.00 for Pastor Solomon Ondora so that he can move his church out of a Muslim area to a safer part of Mombasa and start a dress-making project to enable their church to be financially self-sufficient in the future He has over 250 in his church, with 8 outreaches and 1 new church plant. He has a vision to plant 30 churches in the coastal area. Praise the Lord!

Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support. God bless you!

Your co-laborers in Christ,

Peter, Melody, and Lindsay Morris
Missionaries to Kenya
Team East Africa