Peter Morris Prayer Letter: Less Obvious Side of MissionsThe last few weeks have been an insight into the less obvious side of missions. As we continue to work with national pastors and become part of their lives and they allow us to mentor them, we get to see some of the hardships they face as they attempt to take the Gospel to their people and build their churches.

Fred Kambuni, a young man with his first child who is trying to build a new church in Nairobi, recently contracted an eye infection, which was misdiagnosed, and it looked as though he was going to lose the sight in his eye until we were able to get him to an eye specialist. He is now doing much better. Praise the Lord!

Pastor Philiph (correct spelling) planted an independent Baptist church just north of Nairobi and has managed to raise about half of what he needs for a temporary church building. His church is now under the cover of our registered church in Kenya, ensuring the authorities cannot come in and close his ministry down.

Pastor John Nkome has worked tirelessly for days on end at the government offices to amend our constitution to enable us to comply with government regulations concerning the registration of any churches we may plant.
Pastor Solomon saw the passing away of his mother and had to return up country to cater for the funeral with all the associated costs.

These are just a few of the things that we as missionaries working with national pastors face. It often means we face unexpected expense and often hours on the phone talking with a brother in Christ thousands of miles away, speaking in accents that are difficult to understand at the best of times. This last month I spent hours rewriting the constitution and making amendments, ensuring our churches comply with current regulations and are not threatened with closure. And through all this, the Gospel continues to go out, and souls are saved. Praise the Lord!

Life at home is busy as we start to focus on moving to Kenya in the new year. It is business as usual, looking to lead the lost to Christ and then disciple them. Recently we had to have repairs done to our water heater and our air conditioner, which afforded me the opportunity to lead both technicians to the Lord. Please pray for Rene and Jimmy as we try to get them into church. A couple of weeks earlier, I was also blessed with being able to lead my dentist to the Lord. Whether overseas or at home, with friend or stranger, we must be about our Father’s business.

Recent Blessings

1. Praise the Lord for souls saved.
2. We now have our status in Kenya officially compliant with the law, assuring us and any new church of a trouble-free operation.
3. We thank the Lord for our health and our safety as we travel.
4. We praise God and give thanks for our faithful prayer and financial supporters.

Please Pray For

1. More meetings and conferences as we look to maximize our support level so that we can leave for Kenya fully supported in the coming year.
2. Continued health and safety for our family and team as we travel.
3. Laborers for the cause of Christ in Kenya, men of integrity in Kenya.
4. Additional families to join Team East Africa to minister to national pastors in Kenya and more laborers.
5. Finances for a deposit on a rental property in Kenya for us to live in.
6. Finances for a deposit on a vehicle and the cost of transporting some of our possessions to Kenya.
7. A reasonably easy transition with Lindsay’s schooling and our acclimating to a new country and culture.

Thank you for partnering with us in our endeavor to lead East Africa to Christ. May the Lord greatly bless you as you faithfully serve Him.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Morris
Missionary to Kenya, East Africa