Peter Morris Prayer Letter: Establishing Bible InstitutesWe hope that you are doing well. We are all well in the Lord. We have had various health issues that come with serving in a developing country, but all things considered, we are doing well.

Last month I spent at least three days for three weeks of the month in remote areas of Kenya preaching and teaching mainly on the topics of “How to Implement a Bible Institute in Your Local Church.” It takes me all of one day to reach remote areas like Kilgoris and Bungoma and then another day for the return trip, excluding the three days I spend with the churches I am visiting. I travel on local transport, a ten-seater minibus (shuttle), which is not the most comfortable method; but it is cost-effective, and I do get to meet the locals.

I preach and teach from the Foundations of My Faith curriculum so that the class not only receives lessons on Understanding Salvation, Eternal Security, Baptism, and the Word of God; but the pastor is instructed on how to give the lessons and how to manage the class. The lessons are always received well and often lead to a discussion on other issues as well. We have various levels of participation across the churches but continue to promote Bible institutes in every church that we can. The demand for us to return far outweighs the time that we have to spend with each church. “Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.” (Luke 10:2) Please pray with us that the Lord will send forth labourers to Kenya. In the next few weeks, we will be traveling back to these areas to see how they are progressing with the intention of having the Bible institutes become an integral part of their churches. Our next objective will be to have every person in the church know how to lead someone to Christ and have these churches start looking for where they can plant another church not too far from where they are currently ministering. We would like to see them earning fruit to their account and the multiplication principle taking effect.

We continue working with a local pastor in Nairobi and have seen of late an increase in soul winning. I have recently been blessed with baptizing two new converts, with a number of others soon to be baptized. Please pray for this church and its pastor as we continue to work with them in overcoming tradition and have them following the teaching of the Bible in areas of marriage, music, tithing, and giving, among other teaching challenges. I had three young men I was discipling, but one has recently returned to South Sudan. I am hoping he will give me a call to come and plant a church there. Another went up-country to go to school, and the other is one of the most promising students I have ever had. He is quite smart but only 18. Please pray that God will use him. He is already facing criticism from his friends because of his belief in being “saved by grace” and “once saved always saved,” which is contrary to their belief of staying saved through works, which is a false doctrine of plague proportions across Kenya.

We recently had visitors from CORE ministries and have hope that some of our most deserving pastors may receive some small financial assistance to help alleviate their financial burden while they endeavor to build their churches as full-time servants of the Lord. In a country where the average income is about $122 a month and with many surviving at a subsistence level, a small income is a huge blessing to any pastor, particularly up-country. Please pray for these pastors.

If I have your email address, you should soon be receiving one or two short video updates of our ministry here: one from a market place in Nairobi and another from the hills of Olorupa bordering the tribal areas of the Kisii and the Masai.

Please pray for the following:

• For our team to have good health
• That the Lord will raise up labourers to join Team East Africa
• For Kenyan men of integrity across the country to be called to serve God with us
• That Bible institutes will flourish in the churches we are working with as we expand throughout Kenya
Finances to support our growing ministry
• An off-road vehicle to allow us to reach the very difficult areas in which we minister
Fruit for our labour as we work to have the Kenyans reach their own people with the Gospel and teach them correct doctrine
• For us to be blessed with knowledge, understanding, and wisdom as we deal with a foreign culture

We thank you for partnering with us in prayer and financial support. We would not be in Kenya serving the Lord if it wasn’t for your sacrifice and giving towards the Lord’s work here in East Africa. It is greatly appreciated and, I believe, will be greatly rewarded as we continue to see fruit for our labour and credit to your account.

God bless you.

Your fellow servants in Christ,

Peter, Melody, and Lindsay Morris
Members of Team East Africa

Our mission field address is:
PO Box 775
Ruaraka, 00618


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