Peter Morris Prayer Letter: Discipleship Out WestToday was a busy day. We just returned from Mombasa after visiting a national pastor and a fellow missionary, who has been serving down on the coast for over 15 years. I had only been back in Nairobi less than 12 hours when I received calls from two men, whom I am currently disciplining one on one, wanting to know when we were having our next Bible study. Pastors from across the country were calling to see if I had arrived home safely. I scheduled multiple appointments with doctors, my landlord, and a pharmacist who works close by.

Throughout the day, I traveled by Uber and had the opportunity to go through the Gospel with the drivers. Paul, one of the drivers, was a Catholic and thought that through being a good person, he would go to Heaven. Allen, also a taxi driver, was an Anglican and also thought he was saved and was going to Heaven because he did his best to do what the Bible says. I explained to both these men what the Bible actually says and how we are saved by grace through faith and that not of ourselves. Both men happily received Christ, and one is looking to have a Bible study. Dennis, the pharmacist, has agreed to meet tomorrow so that I may show him what the Bible says about being saved and going to Heaven.

Recently, we also were greatly blessed to have Pastor John Wilkerson and Paul Benton, from First Baptist Church of Hammond, attend a seminar we had organized in Nairobi, bringing in over 20 men from across the country, some traveling more than eight hours to attend the seminar. Pastor Wilkerson taught for two days on the attributes of a pastor (from I Timothy 1-6) and on managing money, among other things. He got to know these men, and they were greatly encouraged by his teaching.

Two weeks prior, I went to Bungoma with Andy Richey and Corey McDonald, fellow team members. It took eight hours traveling west on a local minibus to reach Bungoma, where we met a group of pastors to have a seminar and preach to six of their churches. It was a good opportunity to once again teach on salvation, eternal security, and tithes and offerings. For the people in these remote areas to understand, it may take more than one lesson. We continue to introduce the concept of Bible institutes at every pastors’ meeting we have. We have awarded over 100 students with certificates across all three levels of the “Foundations of My Faith” series, mainly in Western Kenya.

Recently, I was also invited to preach in a local independent Baptist church here in Nairobi. This church has had a Kenyan pastor for over 30 years and is doing a great job. It is a blessing to see a local pastor who has not changed from what he first believed all those years ago and what he had been taught in the early days of the church by a missionary who is now in Heaven.

We have been greatly blessed through the ministry, including the opportunity to disciple an increasing number of new Christians. We are also taking the opportunity of teaching correct doctrine to an increasing number of pastors. Although it is physically demanding to go to these remote areas, we believe it will be rewarding in the longer term. Please pray that the Lord will raise up men of integrity we can work with, allowing us to multiply our efforts.

Charles, one of our converts, is growing in the Lord by leaps and bounds, having met nearly every week for discipleship for the past three months. He has completed all his memory verses and is now excited to try and translate the discipleship course materials (20 lessons) into Kiswahili. Please pray for him to be used of God to help the Kiswahili-speaking people of Kenya get clear teaching from the Word of God, grounding them in the faith. He is also wanting to take us to meet his people, the Teso, on the far western border of Kenya, between the Masai and Turkana Tribes. Praise the Lord!

Please pray with us as we look to the Lord to expand our coasts:

1. Men of integrity to work with in the ministry
2. Finances for a four-wheel-drive vehicle to take us to remote areas that otherwise may be very difficult to reach
3. Wisdom to deal with traditional and cultural issues while teaching Bible truth
4. Health and safety for our family and team members
5. Fruit for our labour and knowledge, understanding, and wisdom as the ministry expands

Thank you for partnering with us as we endeavor to take the Gospel, along with correct doctrine, to the people of East Africa. Your prayers and financial support are greatly appreciated. Without your support, we would not be able to fulfill God’s calling on our lives.

Thank you and God bless you,

Peter, Melody, and Lindsay Morris