Peter Morris Prayer Letter: "Bring Them In"Greetings from Nairobi, Kenya. We hope that the Lord is blessing you, as you certainly have been a blessing to us, both prayerfully and financially, as we minister here in Kenya. Thank you for partnering with us as we take the Gospel to East Africa.

We have had an eventful couple of months. Andy Richey, a team member, and I returned from our trip up-country, where we visited national pastors we know and some whom we have been working with for many years. The objective of our trip was to renew our relationships and plan for how we can best help them in the future. Our trip went well, and we are now looking to help through preaching and teaching. Since our return to Nairobi, we are constantly being asked when we are returning to run a seminar.

One new church we were introduced to was very excited with our visit and was astonished as we explained the differences between the King James Bible and the modern perversions. They have asked us to return to teach their five churches. I intend to spend some time with the pastors, as many of them have been very poorly taught.

While out in the Kilgoris area on the Masai border, six hours from Nairobi, I was asked to preach at a funeral for an old man called Nelson, whom I had led to the Lord many years ago. They usually allow any preacher who comes along to the funeral to preach, but not this time. They asked me to preach for two hours (that’s right—TWO hours!) instead, and that’s what I did. We were greatly blessed with seeing 100 of the 400 in attendance call on Christ to be saved. Once we have put training programs in place for these churches, we will look to start planning new works.

Upon returning to Nairobi, we continued assisting Pastor Fred Kambuni at Greater Vision Baptist Church, focusing on teaching the church how to go soul winning and how to run a church-wide program, which we titled “Bring Them In.” Most of this approach was new to the church, but they were greatly encouraged when they saw new visitors and attendees added to the church. I continue discipleship with two refugee young men, one from Rwanda and another from Southern Sudan. Both of these young men are extremely thirsty for Bible knowledge. I ask both of them to write down any questions they may have so I can answer them at our next meeting. One of them said, “I have a long question.” I said, “Go ahead,” and he said, “I need to learn how to lead people to Christ.” Praise the Lord! It is so encouraging to have a young man who wants to learn when so many others are sitting on corners doing nothing with their lives.

Please pray…

• That we can source some reasonably priced King James Bibles in both English and Swahili. They are desperately needed here in Kenya.
• For our health and protection. We had a minor accident the other day where we hit the rear of a Mercedes-Benz. No major drama, but the traffic and driving here are horrendous.
• For us to have wisdom as we deal with culture and tradition versus Bible truth. Music is an issue in many churches, as they have not been taught the difference between worshipping in Spirit and Truth and the music of the world and the flesh.
• For more young men whom we can see saved and discipled for the work of the ministry.
• For our financial situation, as it is always a challenge due to the dramatically increasing cost of living here in Kenya and a threat of being taxed unreasonably.

God bless you and thank you!

Your co-labourers for the cause of Jesus Christ in Kenya, East Africa,

Peter, Melody, and Lindsay Morris

James (on the right), who is from South Sudan, is being discipled.