Bro. Morris, Please let me know if this is okay to schedule for publishing. Thank you, KiMarsack FBMI ProofreaderI hope you are safe and well. Melody, Lindsay, and I are doing fine but, needless to say, a little frustrated with the impact the Coronavirus has had on our plans to return to Kenya and continue with expanding our ministry to the people of East Africa.

It was late November when I returned from the Team Leaders’ Conference in Kumasi, Ghana. I was excited after being part of the conference and had a number of ideas that I was ready to implement as soon as we arrived back in Nairobi at the beginning of the new year. I had been greatly blessed while in Ghana with the other team leaders and wanted to see if the Lord would bless a few ideas I had been given while at the conference.

Unfortunately, a chain of events was to take place that would change those plans. At one of my doctor’s visits, I was diagnosed with two different skin cancers that needed to be removed. This meant an operation on my leg that created a wound that has taken a long time to heal. It also necessitated radiation treatment that meant a visit to the doctor four times a week for five weeks.

This delayed our departure just long enough to get us caught up in the Coronavirus lockdown. We had two return flight tickets to Kenya canceled, and we are still waiting for the earliest flight back to Kenya as soon as the U.S. allows us to fly and Kenya opens its borders, which have now been closed for weeks. I had also planned to meet Pastor Wilkerson in Egypt to teach in a Pastors’ School that was to be held in Cairo, but that was deferred as well. We had guests from FBMI planned to arrive not too long after we arrived back in Nairobi, but we had to cancel those plans for the time being as well.

Not all has been lost, as we have been able to get a lot done here that otherwise would be very difficult to do remotely from Kenya. We are all having checkups and having treated whatever is necessary while we are here. Hopefully, this will save us having to be treated in Kenya.

I have also managed to source 1,400 KJV Bibles, and we are looking to having those shipped to Kenya as soon as is practical. We are now praying for Swahili Bibles that we will purchase in Kenya, God willing.

I have also used the phone to remain in contact with Kenyan pastors and encouraged them to do the same with their church members who have cell phones. I have endeavored to teach them to show a personal interest in their church members while they are not allowed to attend church, checking to see that all family members are saved and doing okay.

A number of local Kenyan pastors have had issues. Pastor George Osoro had his mud church building washed away by a mudslide due to heavy rain. Another pastor was asking for financial assistance to feed those who were having trouble getting food due to the quarantine. Another is wanting to discuss starting a Bible college, and another warned me of another missionary who was about be scammed. Life is never boring, even when all your communication has to take place over the phone.

Our discipleship students have been ringing and asking when we will return. Bro. Andy Richey, one of our team members, has kindly been looking after them in our absence. I have been keeping in contact with one young man called Oliver and have been coaching him over the phone in preparation to preach. He is a Rwandan refugee, and I am praying the Lord will call him to full-time service.

We give thanks to our Lord and Saviour Who allows us to serve Him, the One Who supplies our every need. Thank you for your ongoing support in these difficult times.

We ask that you pray that:

1. We will be able to get back to Kenya soon and that the Lord will expand our coasts and enable us to implement the plans He gave me while in Ghana.
2. Flights to Kenya will become available soon.
3. Kenyan pastors we work with will remain faithful.
4. Our accommodations in Nairobi remain available.
5. Our health and the health of our team members will remain protected.

Thank you for partnering with us as we take the Gospel to East Africa. May the Lord greatly bless you. Please pray for us as we wait upon the Lord.

God bless you,

Peter, Melody, and Lindsay Morris