Peter Morris Prayer Letter: Last Trip Before DepartureThank you for your ongoing support. It is humbling to know that many have placed their faith in our family, along with others on our East Africa Team, to take the Gospel message to those in Kenya who have either not heard or have been taught false doctrine.

In May, I traveled to Kenya for the last time before we move there for an extended period. I took Pastor Tim Russ and his son Jared, who has some expertise in video production. While I was immersed in the teaching and preaching, Jared worked tirelessly to capture the essence of our ministry. Soon we hope to have a DVD to send to all of our supporting churches.

While on our trip, we traveled from Nairobi to Kilgoris to spend time with Masai Pastor John Nkome and his church. I had the blessing of baptizing 8 people while we were there. The baptistery is a small spring of water blocked by a mud dam built for the day by the men of the church. The water was very muddy with other foreign matter floating on top. I raised quite a stir when I put plastic bags over my feet to hopefully protect myself from the bilharzia parasite getting into my system through my feet. (It is a snail-borne worm which can enter your system and work its way to your liver.) They assured me that there were none there, but you can never be too careful. It did get a laugh and certainly encouraged the local crowd.

We had the blessing of seeing approximately 110 receive Christ as their Saviour throughout the trip. We visited two schools, a Masai village, and a few local churches, along with running a two-day pastors’ seminar in Nairobi. One of the local churches was being led by a young man named Erik, whom we led to Christ and baptized over three years ago and who now has managed to do the work of a pastor without yet being formally trained. He has been using a book called Answers by Keith Piper for his doctrinal teaching and has been doing a great job.

While in Kenya, we taught on the “Errors of Calvinism,” “Music,” and “How to Lead a Muslim to Christ,” based on the book Questions, written by Pastor Keith Piper from Liberty Baptist Church in Sydney, Australia (he has led over 1,800 Muslims to Christ and seen 1,200 baptized). On returning from Kenya, I had the blessing of running a half-day seminar in Michigan with one of our supporting churches, focusing on the strategy of leading Muslims to Christ. I was also blessed to receive a message from an excited Kenyan pastor in Nairobi, who had a wonderful Sunday service where he had seen 2 people saved, 1 of those being a Muslim.

As our departure date rapidly approaches, we are in need of about 10 more supporting churches. If you know of any pastors with a missions conference or any pastors who are looking to take on more missionaries before the end of November, please let us know, and I will contact them about partnering with us in taking the Gospel to East Africa.

We have also started preparing for our departure to Kenya, and I have spent days working on our house to get it ready for rental. I have decided not to buy a property in Kenya, as the real estate laws in Kenya are so difficult to understand and certainly different than the way we do things here in the USA. Years ago, against my better judgment, I agreed to help a missionary, who was retiring from the field, secure a property he had purchased years earlier and had the sales document to prove it but not the deed. The family of the seller (who had died) contested the sale years later, even after the missionary had built a building on the site. We have now been in the courts for over five years endeavoring to secure the deed. I do not intend personally to get caught up in that situation again. Please pray that this legal matter will be resolved in our favor soon.

We would appreciate it if you would please pray . . .

1. That we can rent out our home quickly and at a good price. This will allow us to raise some money towards the down payment of the three month’s rent in advance that we will require when we reach Kenya.
2. That we can purchase inexpensive airline tickets to Kenya, along with special baggage allowances for missionaries moving to the field. We have been told some airlines are accommodating if you are purchasing one-way tickets to the mission field, but we are yet to determine which ones.
3. For our family’s health. As we get closer to departure, the spiritual battle becomes more evident, and often the health of the missionary and his family is what is attacked.
4. For the video that we are preparing of the ministry to turn out in a way that will glorify our Lord and Saviour.
5. For the Lord to raise up men of integrity in Kenya who are willing to serve Him by taking on the work of the ministry and leading their countrymen to Christ.
6. That our support level will be adequate to live on and to do the work of the ministry effectively in Kenya and across East Africa.
7. For protection, as the spiritual battle intensifies as we approach our departure and start the expansion of our work across Kenya.
8. That the national pastors in Kenya will be protected from false doctrine and the many temptations of the world that try to draw them away from the truth.

Thank you for partnering with us in your prayers and finances as we endeavor to take the Gospel to the country of Kenya and the neighboring countries of East Africa. This would not be possible without your support. May the Lord greatly reward you in Heaven for your sacrifice.

God bless you.

Your co-laborers in Christ,

Peter, Melody, and Lindsay