Peter and Melody Morris Prayer Letter: Focusing on Training National PastorsFirstly, I would like to take this opportunity to once again say thank you for the support you have given our family and our ministry over the years. Some of you have been supporting us, both in prayer and finances, for over twenty years. You have been faithful while I have gone through my medical issues and while living in Australia, the U.S., and Kenya. I believe you will be greatly rewarded for partnering with us as we take the Gospel to those where we live for the cause of Jesus Christ.

Every month, for the last 10 months, we have taught pastors from across Kenya for one week on the Bible, correct doctrine, soul winning, discipleship, church organization, and false doctrines, along with other necessary instruction, through our Pastors’ Practical Training Academy (PPTA). Last month, we had 14 in attendance. The pastors came from the tribes of Luo, Masai, Kalenjin, and from the areas of Migori, Rongo, Homa Bay, Bondo, Lolgorian, and Bomet. Next month, we will visit some of these churches to see how we can best help them and to see how they are utilizing what we teach them.

In Nairobi, I am also starting a Bible study for university students off campus. Missionaries are no longer allowed on campus, as they refer to themselves as “secular” organizations and therefore will not allow outside missionaries on campus. We are contacting possible attendees by networking through referrals and other platforms, such as WhatsApp. This Saturday morning, we saw two young men call on Christ to be saved. Please pray for Hillary from Kisii and Raymond from Luo as we teach them truths they have never heard before, correct a history of bad doctrine, and replace it with sound Bible teaching. We are praying that, with the influence of the Holy Spirit, they will be given a burden for the lost and now be able to take the truth to their fellow students and families.

We unfortunately had a situation recently where we had a fellow missionary needing to leave the field with his family due to medical reasons. I taught, preached, and led new visitors to Christ to keep the church open while they sought out a new pastor. Praise the Lord, they now have a Kenyan pastor who is doing an excellent job giving this small group of believers a bright future.

Apart from the role of leading people to Christ as the opportunity arises, we have a number of other projects we are considering, including our own online radio station and webpage. More pastors appear to have smartphones, making regular contact more practical and necessary. Please pray that the Lord brings someone across our path who can help us with this opportunity.

Also, in the next few weeks, we will travel back up-country to have a look at how the pastors are progressing, how they are applying what they have learned at the PPTA, and how they are using it in their local churches and ministries.

We praise the Lord for His provision, His protection, and our health. Please pray that a change in medication will help me with a condition they call adrenal deficiency, which is a result of many years on steroids as a consequence of my bone marrow transplant.

Lindsay is beginning her final year of high school, and Melody is busy with her ministry to those teachers who tutor children with dyslexia. This Sunday, Melody is speaking to a group of Kenyan Christian ladies about missions. Please pray for them.

We ask that you join us in prayer as we ask for our Lord to raise up men of integrity and commitment who would assist us in the ministry and answer the call of God on their lives. Next year, I am hoping to have some Kenyan graduates from PPTA who will be capable of pastoring churches that we can assist with modest church buildings. Their need is great.

Thank you and God bless you.

Your fellow laborers, and brothers and sisters in Christ,

Peter, Melody, and Lindsay Morris
Missionaries to Kenya, East Africa