Paul Sock Prayer Letter:  Working in WarsawDuring the month of October, a brother visited us from Virginia. He comes to Poland to give out Gospel literature. He knows that Europe, though it has been conquered by religious systems, is cold to the true Gospel message. While Bro. Pulley was here in Warsaw, we gave out thousands of Gospel tracts and copies of John and Romans. It was a blessing just to have a godly, Christian friend here for a week of evangelistic work.

For many months now, a young Polish man and his wife have been attending our services. This young believer also has a zeal for getting the Gospel to the Polish people. He regularly goes with me to witness to people. During one of our times of witnessing in a park, we met a young man from Australia. He was here in Warsaw, Poland, to teach English. He listened intently to the Gospel and received salvation.

A Polish man came to get 30,000 John and Romans from our church location where they have been stored. He took nearly all the literature we had shipped here, so now our church is not like a storage center for literature. We have more space in our building to work and grow. Thank God that this man who took the tracts and the John and Romans booklets desires to get the Gospel to everyone in Poland and to see Polish people saved. He himself goes door to door passing out these materials. Pray for our relationship with this brother, because he has offered to help us with our church here in various ways. It would be a great thing if it all worked out for us to cooperate in certain ways.

It has been an encouragement to have a young student from Mexico attending our services. She will only be here for a time (one year), but it is nice to meet people from many different places. We have had Polish visitors and others weekly in our church.

This year we received our permanent residence status in Poland. After 13 years it is very good to have this established. According to the government, we can reside in Poland permanently. God has opened many doors through the years and provided property and other needs that we had.

Pray that we will have the health and strength to continue the necessary work here for many years to come. Pray for financial support to be strengthened and for the salvation of the Polish people.


Paul Sock
Missionary Serving in Warsaw, Poland, for Over 13 Years