Paul Sock Prayer Letter:  Time of RefreshingMy wife and I recently returned to Poland after two months in the States. We were in the States for a medical furlough and, therefore, were in our home church in Hammond, Indiana, for the entire two months. It was refreshing to spend time with old friends, reconnect with former ministry partners, and visit with family. My wife and I also had to visit the doctor regularly while we were there, which helped us get our health in order. We praise God for His care of our lives in many ways. We don’t understand suffering or health problems, but God has been very good to us in them.

Our faithful people greeted us on the first Sunday back in our church in Poland. What a joy it is to have people who love us and who faithfully waited for our return.

Before we left for our furlough, a few of the men in our church were witnessing with me in a hotel in downtown Warsaw. We met a woman who was a yoga instructor. She was trusting yoga and meditation to help her in life. She very willingly listened to the Gospel and seemed very interested. A man in a shop heard the Gospel, but then he called security on me and the friends who were with me. The security was friendly to us and just let us go. I gave the Gospel to a coffee shop worker, who told us he had never heard it before. I left them with the materials they needed to consider more of what we had talked about after work.

While in the States, my wife and I attended a meeting. The presenter at the meeting was Mark, a young veteran in his thirties who had been in the war in Iraq. He had some interesting stories to share. He told us he was Catholic, but he saw the errors in his religion and understood that it was a false religion. While he was in the military, he was invited to a Baptist church for a meal and some games; he felt very loved by the people there. His wife was a devout Catholic, and he said he didn’t want to make any conflict with her. He had many questions and listened intently to the Gospel and other things I shared with him about the Christian life. While in the States, I also met another veteran working in a small auto parts store. He had been in Iraq and Afghanistan. He told me that he had attended a Baptist church while he was stationed in Germany. I invited him to church and gave him a tract; because he was working, we couldn’t have a long discussion.

My wife and I were eating at a restaurant, and the girl behind the counter taking our order asked if I was a preacher. I said, “I’m a missionary.” She said, “I need to talk to you.” She was seeking some help. She had a young child, and her boyfriend was abusive and threatening her with a gun. I was able to invite her to church, and she gave me her address. I gave her contact information to the visitation pastor in my home church. Many people are seeking help, and we need to be ready to listen to them.

The Lord put many Eastern Europeans in our path while we were in the States. I met a lady named Joanna, who was Polish. Then I met some people from Serbia. My wife and I met a 50-year-old Ukrainian lady, along with her son and mother-in-law, and we were able to give them a tract.

More than conquerors,

Paul Sock