Paul Sock Prayer Letter: The Trying of Our FaithAt the beginning of October, I attended a Missions Conference in Great Britain. At the conference, the pastor said, “There are not many missionaries to support here (meaning in Europe).” The European churches want to support missionaries, but there are none. This tells of the need for more servants to come to the work in Europe.

Just in the last few weeks, I have had several problems, which have caused me much suffering. The first had to do with dental work. I had a bridge put in my mouth, and for some reason, the whole side of my mouth and face got infected. I was in pain for many days and had to return regularly to the dentist for treatments. I was also given pain medicine, as the pain was very severe. Last Friday, I was cutting a tree limb off a large tree on my property; there was a young man helping me. Somehow the ladder I was standing on moved, and the branch fell on the ladder. I went down head first, about 15 feet to the ground, and something came down on top of my head—I am still not sure if it was the ladder, the saw, or the tree limb. After the fall, I realized that I had a big hole in my head and was bleeding a lot. I was able to get up and go toward the house. The young man with me got a towel from the house, and we put it on my head to stop the bleeding. Jolie was called. She rushed me to the local hospital emergency room. The doctor in the emergency had to sew up my head with 15 stitches. Then I waited for a few hours while they did a scan of my brain and neck. The doctor told my wife that everything was perfect inside (other than the things that are there that need fixing, but that will come with my new body in the Resurrection), but it was just the wound on the skin that was the worst. Now I will need some time to rest and heal. I ask for your prayers for healing so that I can get up and go again soon. This all happened just when the church was growing more and having many visitors . . . but God knows what is best.

Two men were recently planning to get baptized in the church. One man, who had been involved with the Catholic church’s ecumenical group, got saved. He was desiring to be baptized right away, but then he suddenly took a job in Czech Republic. He is now far away from our church, but he promised to come whenever he is back in Warsaw. Another father of some little children who come to church was saved and asking for baptism. Even though he’d made a profession before, he wasn’t sure of his salvation. He got assurance and will be baptized soon.

Prayer Request:  Pray for a translator in our church with Polish and Spanish language abilities.

Two men from the church drove from Warsaw to Pogorzel to visit me yesterday, October 21, since I have been laid up, and another family came today, October 22. They are faithful members, and they were a great encouragement to me. One man told me his nephew, who was just 18 years old, had been murdered. Please pray for the family.

We are having a good group of people going out to give out tracts, seeking to talk with people who are open and willing to listen. Also, there are guests regularly coming to the church. Praise the Lord!

More than conquerors,

Paul Sock Family