Paul Sock Prayer Letter:  The Lord Added to the Church Such as Should Be SavedRecently the Lord added a man named K to our church. He is from India, and he married a Polish woman. He attended a Bible college in India and had training in leadership. He is helping us in the church with preaching and evangelizing. D also joined our church, and he is from Nepal. He is preaching in our church as well. He is reaching other Nepali people here in Warsaw. We have a brother from Mexico who wants to come to Poland to be a missionary. He is coming in November to talk with me about working with us. Please pray for God’s will and leading. “Praising God, and having favour with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved.” (Acts 2:47)

It is important, with many new believers and unbelievers attending, that we have good, sound teaching and preaching. The two men who are preaching and have joined our church truly have a heart to evangelize and build a missions-minded church. We have been looking for faithful men, who will be able to teach others also, and have prayed for years that God would send them to us. We are so grateful for these men.

I was able to lead a Hindu young lady from Nepal to the Lord at our Thursday evening Bible study. Then she willingly got baptized a few weeks later. A lady from the Philippines got saved. Then she decided to leave Poland to go to work in Spain, but before she left us, she asked if we would baptize her. At our Thursday evening Bible study, we held a baptism service for both ladies. It was an exciting time with a lot of visitors.

Many visitors have been attending our meetings, and it is really exciting. People are encouraged and have said our church is like a family. They feel loved and accepted in our church, unlike the Catholic church, where people are unfriendly and impersonal.

On a Tuesday, two men and I went to visit a new man who wrote me on the Internet and told me he wanted to attend our church. He was new in the city and wasn’t sure how to get to our location. After a few hours of visiting him, he was excited about coming. He came the next Sunday and brought other people to church with him.

A lady got saved and has been faithfully attending our services on Sundays. She works a lot and has a hard job. She is very helpful to Jolie, as she washes all the dishes and does the cleaning after we have our church dinners and lunches. She has a lot of initiative. We do not ask her to do anything; she just sees needs and fills them. She does not want to be baptized yet. Pray that she will feel peace about being baptized and will follow the Lord all the way. She is from a Catholic background.

Another man who comes has started leading the music. He is a blessing to have in our church, and he loves to invite other people. The first time he attended, he brought two ladies with him, and since then he has brought about five other visitors. He recently joined our church, and though he had been a believer for a long time, it was the first time he had joined a church and become a member. He publicly shared his testimony in our service. I have been teaching about being a member in a local church. Today people are just attending a church but not belonging to it. We are to become members and get involved in helping and serving the body of Christ.

More than conquerers,

Paul E. Sock