Paul Sock Prayer Letter:  Team PolandThe Lord gave us new team members, for which we are very grateful. They plan to help us in the ministry here. They are a couple from Mexico that moved to Poland in the month of April. They stayed with us in our home for the first two weeks. It was a bit of a challenge to get them an apartment. People in Warsaw kept telling us they didn’t want to rent to foreigners or for other reasons. God opened the door through a Polish woman who has helped us many times. She is the woman who sold us our church building. We have found that it is best to work through our friends here. We have known this woman for about 15 years now. Her daughter recently said to me on the phone, “My mother said I can trust you.” That is a very big compliment.

We have been able to go out several times a week together and pass out flyers/invitations. There we have opportunities to speak to people and invite them to our meetings. I have received several phone calls where people ask me the difference between a Catholic church and our church, which is a very typical question in a country where 90% of the population is Catholic.

Please pray for the Rangel family to get a positive visa decision in the month of August. Also pray for them as they take language classes to learn the Polish language. Learning the language here can take two to four years because it is a very difficult language—not the typical world languages like Dutch, French, Arabic, or Spanish. I say these languages, because there are many countries in the world that speak these languages. We also have an opportunity here in Warsaw to reach an influx of people from the Indian subcontinent. One college here in Warsaw has a majority enrollment from this area.

For some blessings, we give the Lord thanks. It appears, after a couple of years of problems with Jolie’s health, that she has been healed of her ailments. She is very much improved. We thank you all for your faithful prayers, concern, and support for us. We appreciate your many prayers for our health and strength, as we are busier and the church is growing.

We have been having many visitors in our church services. Everyone is getting involved. Soon we hope to have some new folks join the church membership. One young man is learning how to play the piano so he can play in church. He comes several times a week to practice on the piano at our church. We are so grateful for people who want to get involved and be helpers in the ministry.

Please pray for growth in the Polish church, as we only have a small number of people attending. Our international ministry has more interest from people, but we would like to see more interest from the people who attend our Polish church. Also, pray for a young Polish woman who has asked to be baptized.

More than conquerors,

The Paul Sock Family