Paul Sock Prayer Letter:  Summer WorkFruit in Poland

The conference held at Gospel Baptist Church in Warsaw, Poland, went well. There were 18 in attendance. The greatest thing happened on Sunday when a 60-year-old Polish woman named Bozena made a profession of faith in Christ. Bozena continues to grow in her faith. She recently discovered at a Bible study that Mary (the mother of Jesus) had sons and daughters, which is denied in the Roman Catholic Church. The church teaches that Mary was always a virgin and that the brothers of Christ mentioned in the Bible were only cousins or relatives. Bozena then made the life-changing statement that her church of 60 years is built on error. Wow, was I glad she saw this!

Literature Distribution

Missionary Evangelist James Belisle was with us in Warsaw for about seven days. He came at the time that Franklin Graham was holding a crusade here in Warsaw. Many Catholic priests and nuns were going to hear him. We were not cooperating with the Graham Ministries, but we gave out 2,000 Gospel tracts and copies of John and Romans. There were a total of 6,000 John and Romans distributed during the time Bro. Belisle was with us.

We have had different visitors in our services due to the tract distribution and people desiring to find a good church to attend in Warsaw. Our great literature distribution continues to move forward, with Polish people taking some and giving some out too. We had so much of it and still do. However, a man recently asked for 30 boxes, and another is taking 10. So the mountain of boxes piled to the ceiling in our church is going down.

Children’s Ministry

We held our annual Children’s Bible Club or VBS in July. Fifteen children from the local neighborhood of our church attended. A sister, whom we have known for ten years, came from a city five hours from Warsaw to help teach the stories for the club. Two other sisters in our church, Bozena and Kinga, helped as well. The children were a blessing to our church people. They had a great time doing contests, earning play money, and then purchasing toys and candy in the mini-store we set up. Please pray that the Lord would give us a teacher for our Sunday School Ministry.

Fishing for Muslims

Daniel, a former radical Muslim from Jordan, has been helping me each week to evangelize Muslims here in Warsaw. I have met many Muslims since we’ve been in Poland. Daniel and I have witnessed to men from Iran, Palestine, Algeria, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, and Bangladesh. We have had Bible studies with different ones, and several have been encouraged in the Bible.

Special Need

We rejoice that we were able to purchase a building for our church. Now there will be two years of payments to the former owner. We have an outstanding need of $2,000 to finish our down payment. If you can give to the need, please address it to the Building Fund, and send it to FBMI, Missionary #49.

Prayer Requests

1. Pray for the growth of Bozena.
2. Pray for our health and safety.
3. Pray for Gospel Baptist Church to grow in numbers and in spiritual growth.
4. Pray for our upcoming missions conference in September.


Paul Sock