Paul Sock Prayer Letter: Summer SowingIt is an honor to have another couple helping us in the ministry here. The couple has been regularly going out to the streets with me to witness and go soul winning. We have had many people call and ask questions about our church. There are many opportunities to give our literature to passersby. Some accept the tracts, and others give them back. We have been going into the streets to minister several times a week. There have been some good talks with various people. The Word of God is being planted in the hearts of men and women.

Recently, I taught on II Corinthians 1:4, where it speaks about how we go through trials and tribulation and sufferings. Through these tough times, we receive consolation from Christ that the unbelievers to whom we minister will see our comfort and want to believe. God gives us comfort so we can speak and show a testimony of peace to the world even in the midst of difficult times.

A Polish pastor called me and told me some sad news—two churches had their properties taken from them by the Polish government. They had a unique situation because they were given permission previously to use government-owned buildings that were sitting vacant. Then they were recently told to get out of those buildings and move. A certain politician of the city of Warsaw seems to be pro-homosexual, and it is possibly because of this that these churches have been affected. This year there was an increase in the cities they’ve marched in, but several cities have declared themselves closed to this behavior.

Four people have joined our church in the past couple of months. We are very pleased to have more faithful members coming and encouraging one another “unto love and to good works.” We also are pleased for the opportunity to reach people and their friends and family with the Gospel of Christ. This summer, we have made many needed improvements in the church. Three men put a large cross on the front of our building on a Sunday in the month of August. We have been making other improvements by painting, repairing, and adding some new features. A man from Pakistan was baptized this month and joined the church. He is working on getting his family here to live in a safer area. He is a big blessing. He enjoys helping in any way needed, and he is trying to invite contacts that he has. A brother from India, who is studying here in Poland, has been very helpful with technical issues. He has been very effective in helping our church get more up-to-date in media issues.

Please pray for the following prayer requests:

1. Our health
2. New missionary family with their Polish language studies
3. Visas for the new missionaries
4 Souls to be saved and baptized

More than conquerors,

The Paul Sock Family