Paul Sock Prayer Letter:  Summer FireWe thank the Lord that the heat wave we’ve had in Poland (close to 100 degrees) did not do much harm and that the Lord kept us safe from the grass fire which started next to our house, burned our electrical power line, and made us lose power for the day. There were high windstorms near our home, which caused the power to be off for four days.

Thank you for praying for our visa situation. We have been waiting since 2013 for this decision. We are very happy to say that this month we were granted our permanent residency in the country of Poland. We are allowed to live here for unlimited time.

Jolie and I were at the doctor Tuesday, July 28, for blood tests. The doctor gave me a clean bill of health, although a little too much cholesterol. There were some concerns about my health before seeing the doctor, so I am grateful. Jolie’s news was not the best. The doctor was surprised that she was even able to come to him. He said she has severe anemia. Please pray for good health for both of us and for Jolie’s treatment.

This year has been a time of trying to focus a lot on getting to the true prospects and being aware of and dealing with the wolves; there seem to be a lot here in a very religious land. People don’t seem to be interested in the Lord and are spiritually confused.

Evangelizing is going well. I just had a Polish brother join me in going out to witness and give tracts to people at the busy metro area. We are giving out several hundred tracts a week and talking with people on the street. Please pray that God would send us new true prospects from our labors. He recently sent back a lady who was baptized in our church but had not come for two years.

We have had a few guests visit us this summer from the United States, Germany, and Belarus. We had a young woman from Malaysia come to Poland two years ago who came back to visit us. She is a Chinese Christian. She is very interested in Poland and our labor here and has given generously to the work. We’ve talked to her about Bible college, and she is very interested. Please pray for her. She is considering starting in two years. She finished her university degree two years ago and is a pharmacist in Malaysia.

We are grateful for the people who come to our church. They are growing and putting more of their influence and heart into the church. We are glad we can shine as sunbeams for the Lord in the world until we meet Him.

More than conquerors,

Paul & Jolie Sock