Paul Sock Prayer Letter: Solid Core of People Getting InvolvedIt was a very cold winter; we had to cover our van engine to keep it from freezing in the sub-zero temperatures. Our vehicle was running rough, and some of the power steering fluid was leaking out. Thankfully, it kept going through the cold weather, and it didn’t need a lot of repairs. It is now time for vehicle inspection. Pray that our older van will pass the inspection so that we don’t need to spend a lot of time and money on replacing old parts. We are also considering upgrading to a more modern model; we also need prayer about finding an honest car dealer.

A water meter, which had been newly installed in our church, erupted, causing damage to our carpet, books, tables, and other things. Thank God, our electronics were in good shape. The carpet all had to be cut up and thrown away; however, we had minimal damage. It was a lot of work to clean up all the water.

Two young men came to church last Sunday. They had to ride the train 1½ hours to come. Another person traveled 2 hours to attend our church. Oh, how we need more missionaries and laborers to come and start churches in all these empty cities that are desiring fundamental old paths.

There is a very precious older lady who attends our church. She shared with us that when she became a Christian, her husband, who has already gone to Heaven, went to the Catholic priest and asked him what he should do about his wife who was going to a non-Catholic church. The priest told her husband to give her an ultimatum: either she stayed in the Catholic church or he would divorce her. As they were waiting to do the divorce work at the lawyer, she was able to convince her husband to visit her church. She took her husband to visit the church with her, and after he heard the Word of God, he believed the good news of the Gospel and became a Christian.

My wife started out in January to have a monthly ladies’ meeting. The first one was on an extremely cold day. We had sub-zero temperatures, but she had the ladies’ meeting anyway. Then in February, it was very cold again, and no one was able to attend the meeting, so it was canceled. Pray that this ministry could become a real encouragement for the ladies and that they would want to participate.

Our Sunday meetings recently have gotten stronger with a more solid core of people getting involved. Some Ukrainians are coming as more of them move into Poland. Now we are having more restrictions in Poland, which will limit how many people can meet together. Pray that we can have our meetings without these hindrances soon.

Thank you for your faithfulness!

More than conquerors,

Paul & Jolie Sock