Paul Sock Prayer Letter: QuarantineThese past months have been busy with travel. Many people had their travel plans canceled, but we traveled to the United States to celebrate my in-laws 49th wedding anniversary. My wife was very happy to see most of her brothers and sisters, and I saw mine as well. When we were scheduled to return to Poland, our flight was canceled; then five days later, we were on a flight returning from Chicago to Warsaw, Poland. After we had landed and went through border security, we left the airport and went to our church. Thankfully, our van started after having sat at our church while we were in the States. A day or two after we arrived, we received a message that we were to quarantine in our home for 10 days. They gave us an app on our cell phone that tracked us to make sure we stayed at home. The police also came to our house every day and checked on us to make sure we were obeying orders. We weren’t sure how to get food since we weren’t allowed to go to the stores. Some local friends asked us if we needed anything, and they brought us some groceries. Then about seven days into the quarantine, the police asked if we needed food or drink. Then the police called a local woman who helps with social services. She contacted us, and we gave her a list of groceries that we needed. The next day, the local firemen brought the things to our gate. There were a lot of unique circumstances, but in the end, God took care of our needs.

Our church is having average attendance. We are having a few visitors wanting to come now that we have returned from the States. Our people really missed us and have gotten a little discouraged through this pandemic time. People are still viewing us online as well.

A dear, precious, 84-year-old Polish lady, Irena, attends our services. We have had many talks with her. She has shared with us about being a child when the German Nazis occupied Poland. She remembers them telling her to “RAUS” or to go away from them. Her father was put into a concentration camp. Her mother died, and another family raised her that had only sons. She remembers the hard times with little food during Communism in Poland. Today she savors everything she gets and does not take much for granted. She understands how God’s judgment can bring very difficult times.

We had a woman coming into our church looking for a previous boyfriend; she would come in and yell at the boyfriend and was causing problems. The man had contact with us, and out of nowhere, he made contact with her again. Now, he has gone back to her, and they have both left our church. Pray for Olga and Peter. Kasia, a young lady who used to come, is away from church. She needs prayer, as she is doubting everything about God and the Bible.

This year we had a missionary family from Mexico, Eladio and Esthela Rangel, helping us. They left in February 2020, right before the pandemic began. They were a huge help for the short time they were with us. They still desire to work with us in the ministry here, but they lack around $500 in support. If you are interested in supporting them, you can write him at this email:

More than conquerors,

Paul Sock