Paul Sock Prayer Letter:  Obtaining a VisaThis winter in Poland has been very mild. We haven’t seen snow except a little dusting about twice. The temperatures have fluctuated between warm and cold, but never freezing. This has been a good time to hand out literature on the streets. Several times a week, a group of people from our church have gone out to pass out literature. While we are giving out the literature, we have also talked with people. There have been many visitors coming to the church because of this.

Recently, a man named Bogdan, who is seeking the truth, came to our church. He sat and read the Bible with me for some time. He is a humble, hardworking man in his seventies. It is good to find people who want the truth. Though his wife is much against this, he is pursuing that which every man lacks in his soul—the Comforter. Please pray for him, as many times, wives tend to leave their husbands as a result of their leaving their traditional church. He still has not decided to receive Christ. Pray that he would do so.

Another situation arose in the church between a couple that attended. They were living together, but not married. After attending church, they decided to change things. The man got a distant job and moved far from the woman. Now the woman comes to the service just to see if the man is there, but she causes contention and gets in arguments with him. Whenever we see the Lord working, the Devil is also working to cause strife and confusion. Pray for peace in this situation.

Our coworkers from Mexico just received a decision about their visas. It was a negative decision because the Immigration Office wants more documentation about their case. Please pray as we try to resolve this and get their visas to stay in Poland. They are planning to return to Mexico in March to do some business, and they really need to have their visa business accomplished so that they have peace of mind.


We would like to inform everyone that our church address had changed from Skrytka poczt. 153, Ul. Targowa 73, 00-987 Warsaw to the following address:

Ul. Grochowska 324/8
03-838 Warszawa

You can also send correspondence to our home address, Ul. Polna 4, Pogorzel, 05-332, Siennica, Poland. Please use the new address effective immediately.

If you would like to resign from hard-copy prayer letters, just send me your email address.

We are very grateful for what the Lord has been doing in the church since the new missionaries have come to work with us. We have seen several growths in the church: (1) The attendance has doubled, (2) there is a greater serving spirit in the church, and (3) people are more enthusiastic about bringing visitors and giving out the Word of God, for which we are very grateful. We are thankful for your prayers and your faithfulness in helping the church here.

More than conquerors,

Paul & Jolie Sock