Paul Sock Prayer Letter:  Learning About PolandTo help understand the mission of reaching Poles, when a Polish person takes a step out from the Catholic church, they will venture into other religions seeking the truth. I have witnessed to many beloved people here who went to many of the cults, and little by little, they come to the truth. I witnessed to one man before who went to the Jehovah’s Witnesses for a couple of years. He then came to attend the Gospel Baptist Church (our church), and another man who came to our church did the same. Recently a young woman, who had been to many of the sects, including the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mormons, came back to our church. She said she realized that we preach the truth.

When we ask other Polish people we meet what their families think of them being Christians, they tell us that their families do not like it. They say their families are very disappointed in them and feel like they are part of a cult. Their families can never accept it and will never leave it alone; they always talk to them about getting out of it and coming back to the “real church.” A 25-year-old woman recently came to our Bible study on a Thursday evening. When we asked what her parents thought about her going to a Baptist church, she told us they didn’t accept that she was a Bible believer. She doesn’t want to have much contact with her family because they always argue with her.

Returning Members

A Polish lady attended our church for over ten years. She lived and worked in Warsaw during the time she came. Then about three years ago, she left Warsaw and moved to Southern Poland, where her parents live. She really missed our church and the spiritual teaching she received while attending the Gospel Baptist Church. While she was away from Warsaw, she worked for two years in Slovakia but kept in regular contact with Jolie. She really missed attending a good church, where she felt loved and accepted. Now she has moved back to Warsaw, found a job, and rented a room so she can attend our church. While she was gone from our church, she faithfully supported the work financially. It is good to find people here in Poland who are that dedicated to the Lord and want to be a part of a “spiritual” family. This lady has also been rejected by her Catholic family for over ten years. They are only concerned about material things; i.e., good job, good lifestyle, etc.

Requests and Thanksgiving

We have many guests planning to come to Poland. Please pray for them and for our ministering here with them. Pray for boldness in our personal soul winning, for the growth of the church, for new members to join, for our health, for our support to increase, and for several unspoken requests.

Thank you for your prayers and support to help reach Slavic Europeans with the Gospel. Many seeds are being sown, and some are being harvested from the constant toiling that we try to do here. If we cannot win a soul, we warn a soul.

More than conquerors,

Paul Sock