Paul Sock Prayer Letter:   God Brings International Believers to Our ChurchDear Fellow Laborers,

The Lord gave me the opportunity to meet a young student on the street while passing out literature. The man’s name was Marcin, and he listened to the Gospel message and told me that what I was telling him interested him. I invited him to discuss it with me further. He has my phone number; pray that Marcin will contact me again soon. Another man named Mirek listened to the Gospel. He told me he was an atheist. I meet many Polish people who say this because they don’t like the church’s (Roman Catholic) pressure.

A truckload of literature was shipped to us from America, including John and Romans and tracts. There is a second load containing New Testaments coming to Poland from Bearing Precious Seed. The New Testaments will be given to many Polish churches, but we will get about 1,000 copies to give out. Pray for help with distribution, because we have literature stacked to the ceiling in our church.

We have had faithful people attending services in Warsaw, although in Poland it seems difficult to find faithful church attendees. A man named Nikolas has been attending regularly. He is in his fifties but did not have a job. He recently told us he is seeking a job. It is a big step for him and a good step toward being a productive Christian.

Nadia, a Ukrainian lady, has been our acquaintance for about five years. On a recent Sunday afternoon, we invited Nadia for lunch with us for the purpose of witnessing to her. There is a lot of political unrest in the country of Ukraine presently. Nadia had worries and fears about what was happening in her homeland, and she asked for prayer. Jolie told her that while there may not be peace on this earth, we can still have peace with God, which opened the conversation to witness to Nadia.

After hearing a clear Gospel message, Nadia read the Romans Road verses aloud. She then told us what she thought about each verse after she read it. Nadia admitted she was a sinner in need of a Saviour. At the end of the conversation, Nadia gave her heart to Jesus. It was sweet and humble to hear her ask Jesus to come into her life. In the Ukraine Nadia knew only the Russian Orthodox religion, and she told us that she felt she had worked hard and lived good so that was why she could go to Heaven. Of course, this is the religious way to Heaven and not the biblical way.

A twenty-one-year old young lady named Grace visited Warsaw from Malaysia and attended our church while she was here for a few weeks. She was such a blessing to have with us. She really is a fervent Christian in her life. She was visiting Polish public schools to share her culture; however, she used this opportunity to invite students to our church in Warsaw.

One young Polish student came to church with Grace; her name was Lana (fifteen years old). Lana was born in America and lived there for thirteen years, where she also attended a Christian school and accepted Christ as her Saviour; she knew there are big differences between what she learned in the Christian school and the teachings of Roman Catholic Church. Two years ago Lana’s family moved back to Poland. Her parents are Catholic, so they may not allow Lana to attend services until she is older or until summer when she can go out into the city on her own and do what she wants to do. Presently she is not allowed to attend services, so pray for her situation, as she is very young. We would love to have her come.

Grace also brought Bell, a girl from China. Bell heard the Gospel during the service, and I witnessed to her clearly afterward. I explained the two Adams: the first one in the Old Testament and the second one, Christ. The Chinese girl listened intently but did not return to our church after that first meeting. Please pray for Bell.

Mariana is a student from Brazil, studying medicine in Warsaw, Poland. She is a believer and faithfully attends the services here. She is a big encouragement to us and has been inviting other students to church. Pray that other students will attend with her.

An African professor of psychology has been attending services while he is teaching here in Poland. Haruna is a blessing and encouragement to us. He loves the music we play in church (pre-recorded), and he asked Jolie if he could listen to the music at home. She gave him a website that has it.

We are grateful for how God is bringing together international believers and Polish people to encourage our efforts here in Warsaw, Poland.

Thank you for your continued faithful prayers and financial support!

In the harvest fields,

Paul & Jolie Sock