Paul Sock Prayer Letter:  First Missions Conference Held in Warsaw, PolandMissions Conference

We had our first missions conference at Gospel Baptist Church in Warsaw this Sunday. A national missionary from Romania came to speak to our people. Pray that God will use our church in Warsaw to help reach the world. Bro. Daniel, the speaker, was a real blessing to have in our home and church. He spoke about his testimony. He was saved at the tender age of thirteen. God has used Bro. Daniel to start churches in Romania and Italy, and now he is planning to go to Birmingham, England, as a missionary to the Gypsy people living there. People came and visited our services during the conference. Some stayed all day with us from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and others just stayed for one of the messages he gave. It was an exciting day, with 22 people coming in and out of the services. After the meeting we all had dinner together. It really was a blessing for our Polish people and international friends too. Bro. Daniel played the guitar for our congregational singing.

What a blessing it is to have Paulo, a brother from Portugal, attending our church. Two weeks ago he came to me after I preached and told me God was calling him into the ministry. He has talked with his wife about it, and she is in agreement. He wants to prepare for the ministry and is now looking for where God would have him study and prepare further. Pray for Paulo.

In October our good friend, Bro. Gordon Pulley from Virginia, plans to come for a visit. We will do a large tract distribution over the two weeks he will be with us. Every day we go out to the streets and give out a lot of literature. Through this work we met Bozena, who has been growing in the grace of God and coming regularly to our church. We have given out over 100,000 John and Romans in the past four years, including the 40,000 we have given out so far this year. We praise the Lord that the Word of God is being sown.

Prayer Requests:

1. Please prayer about our visas. We have been waiting since November last year when we turned in our paperwork. I spoke to the inspector, and he says he has not had a case such as ours. It has now been almost 11 months. Pray for a positive decision.

2. Continue to pray that God would give us a new Polish person who would be faithful and who would be an influence in our church to give more strength to it. One person, who had attended our church since it started in 2005, recently moved to another city.

Jolie and I hit a wonderful milestone on August 21 when we celebrated 15 years together, 12 of which have been in Poland. We thank you folks for your prayers, thoughts, and support as we let our light shine.

More than conquerors,

Paul & Jolie Sock