Paul Sock Prayer Letter: COVID-19Right after the USA shut down, Poland immediately did so, too, and we were put into a quarantined situation due to the COVID-19 virus/pandemic. It began on 15 March 2020. We heard there were 3 cases of the virus in our local city of Minsk Mazowiecki. There have been about 14,000 cases in all of Poland, which is relatively low, and 700 deaths. When we were first quarantined, we were told to stay home unless we really had to go out to buy food or something. Whenever we went to a store, we had to wait outside in a line of people, standing a meter apart, to get into the store because only about three people per cashier were allowed to shop at a time in the store. Also, if it was a small shop, then we had to stand behind a line taped on the floor so we weren’t too close to the people behind the counter serving us. After some time, they required that we wear masks all the time in public places. We are still under the quarantine, but as of May 4, the rules have relaxed enough that we are able to meet at our church again. We started having public meetings again the last week of April. We are only able to have up to 15 people meet with us so that we stay distant from each other and everything is well. All praise and glory to the Great Physician, Jolie and I have not been sick through this pandemic season.

We have been able to start having our services online. A man in our church gave us a great camera to use, with good sound and viewing, for which we are grateful. We have had about 20 people viewing our online meetings. There’s a famine of Bible teaching online here in Poland and probably in most of Europe. We believe that the Lord has given us this added method to continue on a regular basis, even after the pandemic is finished, for people to hear the Word of God, because many people here are still fearful to come into a non-Catholic church.

Since our last prayer letter, we’ve had to ask the woman of the couple that was living together not to come to the church anymore because of the contention and disunity she caused—and she would not stop. Piotr P, the man who was with her, is coming and slowly growing and seeking the Lord. He is full of enthusiasm and ideas on what to do for the Lord. Please pray for him.

Right before the Polish borders closed down to outside travel, the Rangel family left Poland to do their business. They are still in need of much prayer, not only for their visas to live and minister in Poland, but also because their support is quite weak. They need another 50 percent of their support in order to live and minister here. It is wonderful to have another couple serving together with us. Because of their influence and ours, we were able to see our church double in the year they spent here. We are thankful for your prayers and your faithfulness in helping the church here.

More than conquerors,

Paul & Jolie Sock