Paul Sock Prayer Letter:  Busy SummerThis year we are already having a very busy summer. A faithful man came back in April this year. Bro. Pulley has come for the past five years and given out literature on the streets of Warsaw. He and I went out for nine days and handed out tracts and John and Romans. I had many talks with people on the street. I met a lady named Bozena, who has come to several of our meetings. This is her first time in a non-Catholic church. She said that she never knew the Bible had so much to say. Pray for her salvation.

We had a shipment of 10,000 New Testaments arrive in Poland in April. A Polish brother was able to help with getting them into the hands of more than 30 churches in Poland. The Lord provided the funds for this shipment through some Polish Christians. We are looking to get two times that amount soon.

We are hosting a men and women’s conference. Please pray for the conference with our guest speakers, Tom and Sandy Hastings from Germany. They have served in Germany for 40 years. In the next letter, we will be able to share more about this meeting to be held on May 31 and June 1 (Saturday/Sunday). We are praying that through this meeting people will be added to the church.

There will be a literature distribution held in Warsaw with Evangelist James Belisle in June. In July our annual Bible Club (VBS) for children will be held.

We have a ton of literature (literally). If you are looking for a place to serve and evangelize, we invite you to come. Please contact me by e-mail at or by cell phone in Poland at 48 500 270 990.

Gregorz, a man who has not worked a job for five years, got a job. The old system pays your way but controls your will (Socialism/Communism). He has been in and out of our church for five years. The work ethic is encouraged through our ministry.

With all the uncertainty going on in Ukraine, there are many Ukrainians coming into Poland. We recently had a Ukrainian woman, her Canadian husband, and their three small children (ages six, four, and two) come to our church. The husband has been attending faithfully and shared his testimony with our church. He said it was the first time he had ever done this. He is a real blessing!

We again thank you for all your prayers and support in ministering to the Polish people.


Paul Sock