Paul Lung Prayer Letter:  Thank God for His Goodness!Thank God for His goodness and leading up to the month of November. Our times are really short, and the days are just passing by. We need to realize that our lives are unbelievably short; but, praise God, what we do with our lives for Jesus Christ is what counts.

Through your faithful support and prayers, the Lord has protected us and led us in huge ways. The Lord blessed us and led us to establish 20 independent Baptist churches. They are small churches, but they are rich in faith. We trust that God is pleased in seeing these ministries. My heart greatly rejoices for the work of all my co-laborers. I am so thankful for all they do, serving in different places across the country. Two months ago when I was hospitalized, all my coworkers and their churches helped me a lot. Their financial help and their prayers are just wonderful. I want to say thanks to each of them and their churches.

The Lord also led us to establish a small Bible institute for training missionaries. It operates out of Hmawbi Township. We have 26 students. Our older orphan kids are put into this training institute after they graduate from high school, hoping that they will do great jobs in the future. The two children’s homes (Faith Children’s Home and Agape Children’s Home) have a total of 108 children—64 boys and 44 girls. These are just two wonderful and amazing ministries. We keep the boys and girls in different locations; it is a 50-minute drive between each location. My heart is so pleased in seeing these wonderful and growing ministries.

Currently we are serving with 26 full-time ministers under the FBMI mission board. When the churches are growing, I cut the financial support of the preacher after three years and take that support and give it to another new preacher. Some of my coworkers disagree with me in doing this, but some preachers understand it well and love to do it so that we can support more pastors and spread the Gospel to more people. We keep going to see souls saved, and we continue fighting for the truth of the Gospel. Thank God for what these ministries are doing as a result of your faithful support and prayers.

Please continue to uphold us in your prayers. The political situation in my country is in bad shape. One of my coworkers, Bro. Job Mung, and his family are in terrible condition. Many churches buildings were destroyed because they were built it illegally. My friend, who belongs to the Wah Tribe, serves near the boarder of Thailand and China. He was put in jail for three weeks because he distributed more than 4,000 Gospel tracts and New Testaments. But God has been good to my friend and his family, because three weeks later, he was released from prison. So these are the conditions we deal with serving under that regime currently ruling the nation. We try our best in what ways we can to reach out to the needy people who have not yet heard of Jesus, the Saviour of the world. We move forward, fighting for the Gospel of Jesus Christ before His coming to take us to our eternal home in Heaven. Amen. Please keep remembering us in your prayers. May God bless you all!

In His blessed service,

Dr. Paul Lung and Family