Paul Lung Prayer Letter: Pray for Our CountryAs we are in the program of God and His chosen servants, sometimes things do not move as we expect them to move, but thank God that His grace is sufficient for me and my family (II Corinthians12:9).

My son Thang graduated with his bachelor’s degree in engineering (civil and architectural), with A-plus grade distinction. My heart greatly rejoiced in this, but then in the second week of March, my heart was really broken. The federal government did not allow us to have services at church due to COVID-19, but every Sunday morning and evening, I preach to my wife, to the chairman of the deacon board of our church, to our missions pastor, and to four or five other people. The church has declined so much—from more than 200 people in church for every service down to 5 people. I have never experienced anything like this in my entire life in the ministry. My heart is really touched, but God taught me a huge lesson: in the eyes of God, 4-5 people or 1,000 people at church are equal. Thank God for that!

Currently, the big problem we are facing is our children’s home. Because the govermental authorities are not allowing us to stay together, we are keeping all the boys at a government high school. There are 60 boys; they are kept 9 feet apart from each other on their mattresses. Nurses from the Health Department are taking care of them. Our children’s home staff and I are with them all the time. The same rules apply for the girls in our children’s home. All 46 girls are staying at our Agape campus. My wife and 4 nurses are with the girls all day.

We are all keeping busy. We have no vegetables, no food, and no one is selling things at grocery stores. You know all about my poor country. Food shortages cause big problems!

Please continue praying for us and for the church planters (18 pastors and their families across the country). May the good Lord heal the world as soon as possible. We do praise God that we were able to get our Vacation Bible School done just before COVID-19 happened.

Prayer Requests

1. Pray that we can finalize the church building, which was donated by the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana.
2. My mother-in-law is still fighting her bone cancer; it’s been over a year.
3. We need the finances to build another church building (60’ x 24’) for Akha Baptist Church in Shan State; we already have land (1.04 acres).
4. Pray for my safety as I travel around the country and for my health.
5. Pray for God’s mercy and healing for our world from COVID-19—a big problem for the whole world!

In His vineyard,

Pastor Paul Lung
Calvary Baptist Church