thumbnail of Paul Lung January 2021 Prayer Paul Lung Prayer Letter: Our Lord Has Been So Good to Us!– RevisedGreetings to you in His loving name! Our Lord has been so good to us in allowing us to serve Him, once again, in carrying the Gospel of Jesus.

On behalf of your church, I try my best to reach the needy people, but 2020 was unlike the past years. I am not satisfied with the ministries as a whole. COVID-19 destroyed all my works. It canceled all my preaching schedule for Missions Conferences, and all of our churches’ offerings went down so much. The sad news is that everything is still on lockdown. The government opened just for a while, but in the city, the death rate went up again, so they put everything back in lockdown.

COVID-19 changed things a lot, but we praise God that He is faithful and His promises never fail! A lot of people lost their lives, and many people are hungry. There is no food, no work, no income, and problems between house owners and renters; but through your faithful support and prayers, my family, the children’s homes, all my preacher boys and their families, and their churches are blessed so much. We have good testimonies with our neighborhood people. We have received a lot of heartfelt thank-you cards and words from my preachers’ families. There were people in great need and their hearts were breaking. We praise God that because of FBMI (our mission agency) and the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, and all of our supporting churches, we were able to help out many people and show our love to so many needy people.

We continue serving Him as best as we can. I do online preaching services for every Sunday morning and evening, but I am not satisfied with doing this because there are those who don’t know how to use WiFi, the Internet has big problems, and some of the older people don’t have Internet services. I pray that God will remove COVID-19 as soon as possible. I trust that, after removing COVID, things will become normal, and God will lead us in special ways.


• Pastor John Wilkerson and First Baptist Church gave us US$1,500 for COVID-19 help for needy families.
• Pastor Bob Graham and Olathe View Baptist Church donated US$7,200 to buy 40 benches for our church.
• The federal government helped out with supplies for the children’s homes: masks, soap, and medications.

Prayer Requests

• Pray that we will get all the benches that we ordered; we have already received 24 of the 40 benches that we ordered.
• Pray that we can finalize the church building of Akha Baptist Church, Pastor Stephen.
• Pray for the reopening of the country; pray that all churches, all schools, all religious schools, and all colleges and seminaries can get back to normal.

Thank you and may God bless you richly.

Yours in history,

Paul Lung and Family
Calvary Baptist Church