Paul Lung Prayer Letter: God Is Good All the Time!God is good all the time. My family, children, and the home are all in good health, but in our church, three elderly people went Home to be with the Lord in the months of August and September. One day I am going to meet them in our Home in Heaven. We are glad that all these three people received help for the COVID-19 pandemic from the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana (KS$100,000 for masks and one bag of rice each).

In September during the lockdown, we held church for both the morning and evening services, as the local government allowed us to hold services with a time limit, with social-distancing guides, and with everyone wearing a mask. But unfortunately, on September 13, 2020, most of them come into the church without masks. I saw them from the pulpit; more than 120 people did not have masks on. So after the evening service, the local government of the president and his teammates came and told me that because we broke the rules and disobeyed the mandates, we must stop preaching till the end of October. They closed our church till the end of October 2020.

The next day we went to the court office. The judge at our district federal court is my old Christian friend. He said, “What is wrong, my friend?” I explained to him what had happened. He replied, “Pastor, we know who you are. Don’t worry about it; it’s no problem. Just follow the social-distancing rules.” I said, “Absolutely, Sir, we will.” So, we thank God for the district court judge who is a good friend of mine. We just donated 50 boxes of masks, 5 boxes of personal protective equipment, and 5 boxes of soap for the community.

COVID-19 has changed things a lot in our times. There is much uncertainty. The world is at risk everywhere and full of problems. There is no more safety. The Lord is coming soon! In Him alone there is a safe place. He wants us to draw closer to Him and walk with Him. Amen! (John 8:51-52) “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”


1. Pastor Bob Graham and Olatheview Baptist Church donated $7,200 to buy 40 benches for Akha Baptist Church.
2. Pastor Josh and Country Baptist Church in New Hampshire donated $1,200 for the boys’ dorms and a kitchen building at Faith Children’s Home.
3. All the preacher boys are doing their best in serving with me in the Lord’s work. I am really thankful for them; they are doing great works.

Prayer Requests

1. COVID-19 destroyed all my church programs and my preaching in Missions Conferences; pray that God will reschedule with churches when the pandemic is over.
2. Pray for all schools, institutions, and churches in our country to reopen as soon as possible.
3. Pray for the COVID-19 pandemic to be gone as soon as possible.
4. The local government stopped me from preaching up to the end of October; but, praise God, I am preaching nonstop at small churches and allowing God to use me in a mighty way.

In His blessed ministries, yours sincerely,

Pastor Paul T. Lung
Calvary Baptist Church