Paul Lung Prayer Letter: God Answered Our Prayers!Thank God for the opportunity of letting you know about the progress of the ministry works here in Burma.

At the end of May 2019, the president of Burma ordered the release of 75,000 prisoners. Sixteen of those released prisoners and their families are coming to our church as a result of the hard work of Pastor Peter Cung Bik (the pastor in charge of the Prison Ministry). We began this ministry on August 20, 2008. Brother Peter Bik, a former lawyer (a great Kachin Christian brother and good friend of mine) started this ministry. He was a politician who was put in prison for eight years because he’d stood for and fought for the Democratic political movement since 1988. After he was released from prison, he really had a burden and a big heart for his friends who were still in prison, so he, along with his wife, came to my office full of tears and said, “Pastor, God has called me to go into full-time service to evangelize and witness to prisoners at several prisons in our country. Would you pray with me and help?” His words are still touching hearts. Then we began by praying and dedicating them and their ministry at the church, and he started working. This is a wonderful and lovely ministry. Thank God that now we have seen the result of this ministry. God answered our prayers, and 75,000 prisoners were released! We praise God for that!

My health is not like it was in the past years; but we still keep going on to see souls saved, and we keep trying our best to reach people through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The churches are growing, and weekly attendances are increasing. Church planters and their families are doing great. The discipleship training school is an ongoing process and is doing well. The children’s home is fantastic and wonderful. All these works are a result of your faithful giving and prayers. Amen. We shall continue to keep going on to carry out the task that we are called for.


1. The Lord provided $1,600 for a new church building (Pastor Doug MacCormack and the Crossroads Baptist Church of Dothan, Alabama, gave $1,000, and the Wayne family from Singapore gave $600 toward the new building).
2. The children received first-, second-, and third-place awards in their school classes and good-character awards.
3. The First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana (Pastor John Wilkerson and FBMI Missions Director Mark Bosje), bought us a Toyota truck, which has been a fantasic help all around our ministries; we use it almost non-stop every day.

Prayer Requests

1. We still need funds for two church buildings – $14,000.
2. I need to come and raise $500 for 5 pastors of church-planting projects ($100 per month for each pastor).
3. The children’s home needs some renovations.
4. Pray for my safety traveling across the country.

Thank you and God bless you all.

In His vineyard,

Dr. Paul T Lung and Family