Paul Lung Prayer Letter:  Where God Is . . .“Where God is seen, love is felt, and lives are changed.”

I thank my God. I just arrived in the States the last part of October in order to visit churches to raise financial support for 10 preachers (US$1,000.00 per month for all 10, each pastor receiving US$100.00 per month in support). This is very difficult for me to do, but the FBMI office staff has helped me in numerous ways. They arranged visits for me with a few churches. Pray that God would lead these churches to help support my 10 new preacher boys. Most of these select preacher boys will be going to Shan State, which is totally influenced by Buddhist people and where there are no independent Baptist churches.

In 2015, we sent out Brother Stephen, a native pastor who belongs to the Akha Tribe. Through him our FBMI mission works are fruitfully extended. So I pray deeply, from all my heart, that God will lead us to do more mission works in this place. The native people speak Shan and two Chinese languages (Yunnan and Mandarin), so please pray for this need.

While visiting churches, I stayed with the Hey Cung family; I knew his parents in my country. He picked me up from the airport and dropped me back off, but he was unable to drive me to the church meetings because he works a full-time job in Carol Stream, Illinois. Instead I take the Greyhound bus to get to my meetings with the churches.

On November 8, I had the opportunity of meeting a Burmese refugee family in Stone Mountain, Georgia, which is near Atlanta. We sat together and talked about this and that. They came to the United States from Malaysia in 2012. They are in the States with the status of “political asylum,” and they could not properly speak English, but their children spoke fluent English, as they went to school in the States. I witnessed to this family about the clear Gospel of Jesus Christ, and finally Mrs. Zung Nei received Christ as her personal Saviour and Lord. Then later her husband, Mr. Ngai Mang Nei, received Christ as his personal Saviour and Lord. Eternal life is just a free gift from God. Those who trust Jesus will simply receive eternal life (Romans 6:23; I John 5:10-12). I prayed for them sincerely. I had a great conversation and some very sweet fellowship with this lovely family. As I finished talking to them, I told them to go to an independence Baptist church near their home, and they said they would definitely do that.

So my heart greatly rejoices, and I love to put in the prayer letter that “Where God is seen, love is felt, and lives are changed in our midst.” Thank God that our great God has been led to bless us in so many ways, maybe in one way or another, to fulfill His calling on our lives step by step. God never ever fails to keep His promises. Amen.


Dr. Paul T. Lung