Paul Lung Prayer Letter:  ConferenceWe praise God that He is helping greatly and leading us in carrying the Gospel of Jesus and, at the same time, blessing us in wonderful ways. September 18-22, my wife and I and two of her friends had a wonderful time witnessing to the Akha people in Shan State. Brother Stephen of Akha Baptist Church hosted the conference; and, as usual, I preached the message every night. During the day, I taught about the role of deacons in the local church. More than 40 gentleman attended every day. In this class, there was no lady at all. I taught them that women could not be pastors or deacons in the church. Throughout the week, many liberal people from other churches made hate speeches, saying that I should be driven out. They did not want me to come to their churches. However, we kept being patient and doing our job. Even some so-called pastors were there.

My wife and her friends taught about how to make banana cake and pineapple cake, how to knead, and how to make flower arrangements for the pulpit at church. All church ladies and friends from others churches and communities were invited. Pastor Stephen’s wife and sister invited many women from the surrounding villages to attend. These teaching classes were another wonderful and fantastic help to all the women of Akha; they were a good example. We finally got back home with a good name. The people requested us to come back and do the same classes in July of 2020. The government ruling is in bad shape. They oppress Christian ministries, but we use different methods to reach out to our people in Myanmar. God knows. He loves us, and He protects us and keeps us safe always. Amen. Pray for my country.

This program was a fruitful one. The Akha people finally came to realize the role and duties of deacons in the church and the role of women and how they should be at church. These classes were very helpful, and we accomplished much. I am so glad that the Akha women learned how to make pineapple cake and banana cake, how to knead, how to make flower arrangements for the pulpit, and how to decorate the church. Amen. I tell the Akha people to believe in God and His Words, to follow according to the Bible’s teachings at church, and to lead God’s people. Citizens are to obey the government, but they are not to worship the government or the monks; this is idolatry.


1. In August and September, God provided for a church building through First Baptist Church, Hammond, Indiana ($6,000.00); Crossoads Baptist Church and Pastor Doug MacCormack of Dothan, Alabama ($1,000.00); and Country Church ($1,200.00).
2. We had 24 people saved and 9 people baptized in September.
3. My son Thang successfully completed his BE engineering course and is waiting for graduation.
4. My health has become normal.

Prayer Requests

1. Pray for the church building paperwork, which is an ongoing process; this may be another Ekklisia Bautista. We are going to start building as soon as the paperwork is approved.
2. Please pray for another church building—60 feet x 30 feet with a bamboo cover and a concrete floor.
3. In November, Independent Baptist Church will be having a preaching conference at Kalay Myo. Pastor Timothy will be hosting, and I will be preaching three times. Pray for us. Amen.

In the good fight for the faith,

Dr. Paul T. Lung and Family
Calvary Baptist Church