Paul Lung Prayer Letter:  40 Days!Though July was not a good month for me physically, the Lord has been so good to me through your prayers. The churches, the people across my country and the children’s home, and all my close friends kept me continually in their prayers; and now by His grace, I have recovered.The doctor kept telling me to take time to rest, but staying at home is not good for me. Without me, our farming land and rice plantations and crops slow down, and the work doesn’t go forward. Without these works, feeding more than 100 children plus all the staff members and my family is very difficult. Without the farming, we have to buy our food all the time at the flea market (grocery store), which is not a good idea because the foods they are grown with a lot of fertilizers, making the food unhealthy. Working the farm also saves us so much money, and the food is so much better for everyone. We have a farm of over 40 acres. Every year we grow rice and all kinds of vegetables, including potatoes, lady fingers (okra), cabbages, onions, and peanuts, to name a few.

Working on the farm also allows me to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the simple plan of salvation with all the workers. It is the joy of my life to do it. So far this August, four people have trusted Christ.

So I decided to hire one great farmer. They started the farming work, and we should finalize on Wednesday. We praise God for His goodness and for helping us get the job done.

But the doctor scolded me and said to me yesterday at my followup visit, “You are disobeying me, Pastor. If you do it again, don’t come to me next time. Your health is more important than your farming.” So I need to take care of myself and rest for 40 days. The number 40 is a specific number in the Scriptures, so please uphold me in your prayers.

Serving our great God for souls in His vineyard,

Paul T. Lung and Family
Calvary Baptist Church