Paul and Jolie Sock Prayer Letter:  Summer VisitorsWe seldom get guests who travel to Poland from the U.S. or from other places in Europe. The Lord put it on the heart of a man, who has been to Europe to visit, to come to Poland and give out literature. He brought his friend with him, a Polish man who got converted while living in Holland. They both traveled to several European countries giving out tracts, as well as to Poland. They shared their testimonies in the church service, which was an encouragement to the church people.

A lady came from Holland to Poland. She has a mission school for children in Africa. She invited us to Holland and showed hospitality toward us. A Polish lady from Norway, where she lives with her husband and works, came to visit her family living in Poland. She brought her children with her, and they attended our meetings together. She had a sweet spirit and a friendly, outgoing personality. She befriended a single Polish lady who has been attending our church for many years and invited her to spend some time with her and her sons one Sunday afternoon. It was good for the single lady, as she does not have many friends and really needs the encouragement.

A missionary couple from the United States, who go to different fields, came to visit our church a couple of times on their way to and from Ukraine. They were a blessing to my wife and an encouragement to the church people. The Sunday they were here, while traveling back to the States, there was a young couple visiting our service. The woman was Polish, and her boyfriend was Guatemalan. The couple from America sat across from the visitors and had a good conversation with them during our fellowship time. The visiting couples both spoke English, so that made it possible for them to communicate. Please pray for the salvation of the woman, as she is unsaved and is a practicing Catholic. (It is very rare to have Catholics in a Bible-believing church because of the strong influence in this country, which teaches them that we are a cult.)

Two very young men came to our church from an unsafe country. They were recently converted and are very new babies in Christ. They are facing hardships living here, and they feel unaccepted. Their plan is to move to Canada after they get permission with their hard case. It is difficult for them to find work because people do not want to hire people from the country they are coming from. Please pray for them, as we have some small influence on them; pray that we could have more time to help guide them in the ways of the Lord and persuade them to come to church.

This summer, our attendance has been down due to many traveling about in Europe for the summer holiday. People really make a big thing about the summer. Also, we have had several very ill with injuries and still others with other difficulties. We have never really experienced a summer like this with so many trials.

While giving out tracts on Saturday on the street, a Polish woman came back to me after receiving a Gospel tract from me and thanked me for witnessing and giving out tracts on the street. This is a very rare response, as most people throw the tracts back at us or throw them away in front of us. Through the many years of evangelizing in Poland, one thing that has stood out is that when we talk with people on the streets and give out Gospel tracts, those people seldom come to our church. However, as a result of our obedience and our laboring and sowing the Gospel message, God in turn blesses us by sending people to our church whom we never met while out evangelizing.

More than conquerors,

Paul Sock