Paul and Jolie Sock Prayer Letter: RenewalIt has been a good summer here in Eastern Europe. We were able to see many new people visit our services. Recently, a Catholic man started coming. He is an intellectual person who has studied medicine and traveled. He was even in America and Canada when he was younger. He is very interested in learning the Bible even though he still attends the Catholic church. Pray for Mr. M. to get saved. A Polish lady, who had been in America for 30 years, started attending our services. She decided to move back to Poland and live here. She wanted to help the church, so she gave some things to improve our church kitchen and also gave some funds toward a need we had to get a large appliance for the church. She has also brought food to our meetings. She is growing in her faith. Pray for Ms. B. We had a Ukrainian man come to our church; he is a construction worker. He is planning to help us install some tile in our church kitchen, as the wall is getting ruined because of water damage. Most of our people have been inviting others and attending faithfully.

We have been driving an older van for about 10 years now, and it has gotten so rusty that a small piece of rusted metal fell off the door this week. It is time to replace our vehicle. I have found a good vehicle locally that we are in the process of purchasing. It seems like we will be able to get a loan here in Poland. Please pray for this great financial need, as it will cost a “pretty penny.” If you want to contribute to this need, you can send funds entitled “Van Fund” to FBMI Missionary #49.

There is a man in the States who wants to send us seven boxes of John and Romans. It will cost $400.00. Please pray about and consider if you can help with the cost of this need.

We had some extremely hot temperatures this summer. We have never had air conditioning, but we got an air conditioning unit for our church, as people were having a hard time staying awake during meetings in the heat. Our church hosted a picnic. We had three young men from our church come to our home and help with preparations for the picnic. They helped me set up a tent, and they built a wooden table to use at the picnic. We purchased some very nice wooden tables and benches for the church to use. The weekend of the picnic, it was raining. When we had our service under the tent, it was raining lightly; however, when we grilled the food, it stopped raining, and we were able to grill without any rain. God blessed. We had visitors attend the picnic, and they heard the Gospel. We also celebrated the birthday of an Indian brother in our church at the picnic. It was a lot of work to prepare for this special Sunday, and God blessed with a big group of people attending.

It is a joy and blessing to wait on the Lord! We see a lot of trouble happening in this world, but we have an anchor in Christ, Who keeps us in His hands. We are so grateful for your faithfulness to be our support and strength, holding our hands from the States so we can stay in Poland all these 20 years to minister to the precious people in Poland.

More than conquerors,

Paul & Jolie Sock