Paul and Jolie Sock Prayer Letter: Grateful for His Mighty WorksTo say the last couple of months were not without challenges would be an understatement. It started with Jolie coming down with pneumonia and serious health problems related to the Coronavirus. We lost electric power in our home for three days. and a war started in the neighboring country of Ukraine.

There are many refugees pouring into Poland from the Ukraine. A couple from Finland contacted me after searching the internet to find a church that would help them with bringing a 50-passenger bus filled with all kinds of necessities, medical supplies, food, and other supplies for the Ukrainians. On Wednesday, March 9, 2022, the bus unloaded all the cargo it brought and then was providing free transportation leaving Warsaw to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland for those displaced by the war. I helped to coordinate for at least 90 people to come to our church to meet the bus—mostly women and children. They came to our church on foot, in taxis, and by other people bringing them. They were very grateful to us for allowing them to come into our church. They were going to a Christian camp in Latvia on the first night, and a pastor who spoke the Ukrainian language was going to preach to them. Only time will tell what kind of seeds were sown. We are grateful that we have several Ukrainians who already attend our services.

The Warsaw central train station has been filled with refugees, some even sleeping on the floor. There are many good people helping the cause and giving out food, blankets, phone cards, and toys for the children, along with meeting other needs the refugees might have. We’ve had a steady stream of visitors from Ukraine in our church. There have been a lot of funds provided for helping the Ukrainians. I am distributing this support to pastors in Ukraine, who are in turn feeding soldiers and the local people. UNICEF set up a camp right behind our church. This brings many of the Ukrainians right to our church doors. We want to share the Word of God with them.

Jolie got very sick right before her birthday, which was February 15. She started swelling in her body and feeling very weak. We both had the Coronavirus in November of 2021, and we thought we were over the worst of it. However, the virus attacks the cardiovascular system. A doctor visited our home and told me to take Jolie to the hospital immediately; she was in critical condition. I got her checked in after midnight at the hospital that was recommended, which is one of the best in the Warsaw area—presidents of Poland have been treated there. Jolie was put into the ICU for heart patients. Her kidneys and heart were failing, and she had pneumonia. The doctor told Jolie that she didn’t think she would leave the hospital alive. After a week in ICU, all of the swelling was gone, and her kidneys were working again; however, her heart was weak. They moved her out of ICU to a room, and after three days she came home. We are extremely grateful to God for His mercy and grace and for the prayers of many saints around the world that sustained us through this time.

Please pray for our church people, who have been experiencing some personal challenges and have found it difficult to be faithful in attendance. Pray for laborers to partner with us. Pray for Jolie’s recovery.

More than conquerors,

Paul & Jolie Sock