Paul and Awi Lung Prayer Letter: Jesus Is the Answer for Peace in My CountryI trust this prayer letter finds you well and in good health. By God’s grace, I have now fully recovered from the effects of COVID. God has been so gracious to me and my family. My heart rejoices for those who are praying for me and taking care of our ministry.

Last weekend, November 12, 2021, I was invited to preach by the board of the Federal Regime Myanmar Peace Central Committee at the Caderal Catholic Church in Yangon. The attendees were leaders of all church denominations, along with the generals and cabinet members of the regimes and all the governors and mayors. In total, there were more than 400 officers in attendance. I preached on the subject: “Peace—Jesus Is the Only Peacemaker for Myanmar.” The general stood up and said, “Pastor, don’t try to convince us about your Christianity and Jesus.” I said from the podium, “No sir. We all love our country. Our country is in need of peace, but the truth is that there will be no peace without Jesus. He is the Saviour of this country. He alone is the Peacemaker for the country. He alone is the One Who can bring peace to our country (John 14: 27-31). The country needs Jesus—not political power or parties!” All the people in the room applauded and shouted and said, “Preacher, do it! Preach it!” However, the regime leaders were not happy. I pray that God’s Word touched the hearts of these people. Amen.

Again on Sunday, my wife and I went to All Racial Baptist Church, where I preached, and four people got saved: Tun Win (age 41), Lin Aung (age 28), Miss Kyi Kyi Win (age 26), and Aung Ko Latt (age 33). Praise God for all these people getting saved. I am praying that they will use their lives to be fruitful to their neighbors and that they will keep faithful to their Saviour. Amen. May the great God bless and lead us to do more in the days to come.


1. First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana (Pastor John Wilkerson) helped out with $5,000.00 for the children’s homes; 46 children got their COVID vaccinations (there are still 58 children who need to get their vaccinations).
2. Praise God that my health has returned to normal.
3. The country has suffered physical difficulties, but spiritually, God is working deeply in our midst as people hunger for peace and hope, seeking God’s protection and help.
4. The workers are harvesting well at our farms, and we are getting a lot of rice and sufficient food.
5. As a result of the requests we made during our meeting with the military regime and all church leaders at the Caderal Catholic Church, the Federal Regime Government is allowing us to hold Sunday morning services in all churches in the country.

Prayer Requests

1. I am still in need of strength.
2. The country is in need of prayers for peace so that things may return to normal.
3. Please continue praying for our soul-winning programs and ministries.

Thank you so much for your faithful support and prayers.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Paul T Lung
Yangon, Myanmar