Paul and Awi Lung Prayer Letter: God Is FaithfulGreetings to you in His loving name. I hope that this letter finds you in good health. As for me and the ministries here, things are not going as well as I had wished them to be for the year’s plans. Officially, we have not been able to hold church services, mainly in the city (Yangon) areas, but in the countryside of some states/provinces, they have been able to hold services secretly. The third wave of COVID-19 (the Delta variant) has spread out again. The turmoil in the cities, sadly, is up too. In July and August in my church, 14 people went Home to be with the Lord. Sadly, my co-preacher, Pastor Peter Cho Hung Om, went Home to be with the Lord. It was a great big loss! Some of our church people are still getting treatment.

This month, things seem to have calmed down, but the protesting, shooting, and fighting between the military and the People’s Defence Force (PDF) keeps going. Pray that God’s mercy would be upon our country.

Praise God that the children’ homes are experiencing God’s faithful love, and the children are doing great; nothing has happened to them. We try our best to take care of them. I am glad that our supporting churches are giving more financial help and love offerings for our children and for our national pastors and their families. We have supplied oxygen and masks and food items for those who are in need in our churches. My church people rejoiced in receiving your financial help. Some church people are getting well and taking rest, and some are still undergoing treatments. Please pray for the ministries in Burma.


1. My family and I are in good health; please pray for this to continue.
2. Pastor Brent Armstrong and the people of Tucson Baptist Church, Tucson, Arizona, helped us out with $1,400.00 for the children’s home.
3. Pastor Tim Butler and the people of People’s Baptist Church, Greenville, North Carolina, gave $1,874 for the children’s home.

Prayer Requests

1. Please pray for our country’s political situation, for the normal and peaceful functioning of the government.
2. Pray for the children’s education and their futures.
3. Pray for our country to escape Russian and Chinese influences.
4. Pray for freedom of religion so that we can continue preaching the Gospel to our country. Amen!

Yours sincerely,

Pastor Paul T. Lung
Calvary Baptist Church