Osmin Gutierrez Prayer Letter:  The WHERE of God's WillMy wife’s chemotherapy treatments are going fine. She has done ten treatments and has one more to go at the end of October. After that, they will do an MRI, and depending on the results, the oncologist will determine whether or not they will do radiation. Please pray that radiation is not necessary; we are getting a little anxious and want to go back to Honduras, but we trust that God’s timing is perfect. She has done well throughout the whole process; your prayers on her behalf are making a difference.

In September my wife and I were able to go back to Honduras for ten days. The main purpose of our trip was to introduce six pastors to T.J. Kimmel, whom he hopefully will be able to help through CORE missions. It was surely great to see our church family, our house, and the country again. They have done well without us, but they definitely want us to be back already.

It has been said, “The what of the will of God is more important than the where of the will of God.” Through it all, the Lord has allowed us to be busy in His work. We have been to two missions conferences in Iowa, and we were able to report to a church in Illinois. The Lord provides teaching, preaching, and soul-winning opportunities. I have been able to take family members, friends, and others to church. Please pray for a family in Chicago with whom we have been working. George, his wife, and two children have come to our church. His daughter got saved; however, he has a difficult religious background. Pray that God will give them wisdom and that they will get grounded in the faith.

We have some dates available in November in case you would like for us to come and visit your church. My number is 219-670-5363.

May God bless you and continued to use you.


Osmin Gutierrez