Osmin and Eva Gutierrez Prayer Letter: Sunday Afternoon Church-Wide Soul WinningI pray this letter finds you well. During the last week of January, we went to the States to attend a Missions Conference in Alabama. We extended our furlough until the first week of March. It was a productive time. We were able to report to some of our supporting churches, see family, and enjoy the USA. We were able to raise enough money to finish our nursery, for which we are very grateful. We should be finishing the details next week. A special thanks to the following churches: Faith Bible Baptist Church of New Mexico; First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana; and Rogers City Baptist Church of Rogers City, Michigan, for their tremendous contribution for this project.

During our trip, we were also able to raise $2,500 for the electrification of our property, a project that is going to cost $7,000. We are still in need of $4,500. Please pray that we will be able to raise the rest of the money for this project. During the last seven years, we have used a generator to light up our property, but with gas prices going up, it is becoming unbearable.

Door-to-door soul winning became very difficult during the pandemic, especially in our city of Tegucigalpa. People were very afraid of the virus and reluctant to talk to people. Many are still afraid. Despite this problem, we felt that it was time to jump-start our church-wide soul winning. We have taken a group of our church members on the bus after the Sunday morning services to witness in areas outside the city where people are more receptive. God has blessed, and we are seeing people saved and visitors coming to church because of our efforts. During the last month, we have had over 30 visitors come to our services, which has been such a blessing to our church.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support.


Osmin Gutierrez