TAN Update: You Can't Stop God's WorkYOU CAN’T BAN . . . TAN!!

The Teaching All Nations materials continue to be used, even as some missionaries have left their fields due to the pandemic; but the TAN curriculum has not been affected by the virus, and the training of young people continues daily. Praise the Lord for the wisdom of our board of directors that suggested that missionaries would also need to include the training of a national “second man” just in case the missionary had to leave the field. In many instances, nationals continue to use TAN materials during the lockdown.


The printing continues this month of the latest TOP series entitled “TEN BIBLE DOCTRINES.” This two-year, advanced-discipleship program is well under way, with three of the ten Bible-study guides completed. The titles of these three are as follows: “I LOVE MY BOSS . . . SUBMISSION,” “TO GET IS TO GIVE . . . SACRIFICE,” and “SETTING THE STAGE . . . SECOND COMING.” These are now completed and ready to use for your summer programs. The remaining seven titles are now ready to be printed. Please go to the TOP website for a complete listing of titles coming in the doctrinal series and a listing of great topics in the original Bible series. Our website is teachingourpeople.net.


”The wheels of our RV go ’round and ’round,” taking us in early June from Florida through Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan. In our travels, we were invited to attend several tent meetings to meet pastors and present TAN and TOP.

My greatest desire was to encourage preachers to put aside their “fear” and replace it with “faith.” I preached several times on the topic of “Divine Appointments” that God provides daily. These divine appointments are to present the Gospel to someone whom God has already prepared to receive Christ. We saw 16 souls saved by divine appointments on this trip. You can’t stop the wheels rolling or the Gospel going. Amen! Thanks for giving and praying.

Living in His grace,

Ed and Carolyn Tutton
Teaching All Nations
Hosea 4:6