TAN Update: HAPPY in God's Will!HAPPY is the word for a couple of people in the middle of God’s will! We couldn’t be happier! These past two months, we have had the privilege of traveling 7,000 miles to attend conferences, meet missionaries, and encourage pastors to join with TEACHING ALL NATIONS for the purpose of training nationals to go to the next towns with the Gospel. It is no wonder that we are so joyful as we travel these trails, for we have had a total of 19 people whom we have personally won to the Lord while out on the trail. A very “special” thanks to Pastor Tim Fellure and Victory Baptist Church for their generosity in allowing us to park our RV at their church.


During the Christmas Season, the Lord allowed us to complete 3 additional 13-week Bible study guides. These are the following titles: “An Enduring Friendship,” “How to Sin . . . Less,” and “Blessed Are the Pains of Life.” This makes a total of 5 Bible study guides that are available to pastors, including “Lord, Increase My Faith” and “Breaking Satanic Barriers,” which were available last year. If you would like to order sample copies of any of these titles, contact Pastor Greg Ogle at gogle@cbcanton.com. All TOP Bible study guides are available on a donation basis. Donations are used to purchase flights to foreign countries to start Bible institutes.


• Pictured at the right is Adam Ogle, program director for TAN, who just returned from Peru, where he taught several national pastors how to use the TOP program in Spanish.
• Bob Bowen, a TAN board member, returned from Thailand in January 2019, where he introduced Teaching All Nations to two national pastors.
• Richard Hitt, who now works with Teaching All Nations, will leave on March 4, 2019, for Zambia, Africa, where he will introduce TAN to eight national pastors.
• Charlie Vest, project coordinator for TAN, traveled to Florida during January to arrange printing for the TOP materials. A HUGE thanks to him for providing a BIG Dell computer for our SMALL TAN office.

Thank you for your continued support of our ministry. Only eternity will reveal what your investment did.

Ed and Carolyn
Hosea 4:6