Nick and Beth Watt Prayer Letter: Sunday School Is Bearing FruitThank you for your continued partnership with us through your prayers and financial support. Our nation has continued down the path of lockdowns to try and eliminate the virus. Sadly, a large number of people have taken on board the government line that the greatest kindness we can do is to eliminate the virus, even while a great deal of unnecessary suffering is created by the arbitrary lockdown rules. It is a blessing to have God’s Word defining words such as kindness for us. This gives a wonderful solidity to our daily lives.


With our new location established, we have been able to print new materials. The process of covering the city with the Gospel has begun again, with two suburbs having received the Gospel to their homes. We have also started following up each street with door-to-door evangelism. This process is time-intensive, but it is already beginning to show fruit.


It has been a blessing to see the hard work of our Sunday school students bearing fruit this year. By their bringing visitors, memorizing Bible verses, and writing out their memory verses, the children have earned “points” for a prize store during the first two school terms this year. The third term brought a change, where their points went towards one of several gift options that would go to children in Thailand. It was a blessing to partner with Missionary Shari House in Thailand to be a blessing to an orphanage for Karen children on the Thai/Myanmar border. The children were more excited to do this than to earn rewards for themselves. What a blessing it is to see a giving spirit in the young ones.

We have also used Sunday school as an outreach tool recently, as we have a new series of lessons underway. This series of lessons addresses lies that we may have come to believe, which are warping our worldview. It has gone well so far, with the response from the church being some great conversations and increased thoughtfulness about what we are allowing to affect our way of thinking. We continue to invite people and letterbox our local area. We are praying for a good response from the community as well.


We have had another short season of services online and continue in a collective state of restrictions to the size of groups that can meet. This encroachment of freedoms is becoming the norm for people, which is a concern in itself, but it is also becoming such a focus of many believers that the preaching of the Gospel is, in some cases, being put aside. Please pray for our country! We have an extremely liberal government, and their trend is clearly authoritarian at the moment.


John and Romans—We have been given thousands of copies of John and Romans and are going to begin distributing them in Wanganui and the nearby smaller towns of Patea, Waverly, and Marton. The Bible needs to be in people’s homes!

In Christ’s love,

Nick, Beth, Abby, and Zack Watt