Nick and Beth Watt Prayer Letter: New and Permanent Home for Grace Baptist ChurchShowers . . . and not just the weather at the moment, but the blessings we have been privileged to receive from the Lord! Thank you so much for your continued support of our ministry here. We have taken a few big steps of faith recently and have seen some hurdles, of course, but also some sweet blessings.

Teen Camp

What a fantastic week of preaching, fellowship, and spiritual challenge we had! In total, there were 140 people at Teen Camp this year. It was an exhausting, but immensely profitable week away with our young people.

New Building!

We are excited to announce that after four years “in the wilderness,” we have a permanent home for Grace Baptist Church. We moved in at the end of May and have already had many people from the community attend services. God is so good! The building is old, but I prefer the word character.


We have had around a dozen new folk coming along consistently in the last few months. Please be in prayer for the Jones family. They are homeschoolers Beth met, and we invited them to come along. They have been attending faithfully for the last two months. They live about 40 minutes out of town in a valley at the end of a long, winding road. It is hard for them to get to services, but they have been consistent for morning services. Please pray, as we work with them, that they will make Grace Baptist Church their home.

Family News

Beth’s health has continued to be a little up and down. Please pray that this will settle. It is always an emotional and mental blow when the symptoms return; but Beth is remarkably resilient, and we trust the Lord that He knows best. Abby is continuing her schooling and is increasingly drawn to writing and creating stories. Please pray that we can guide her wisely through this interest and help her develop it into a skill that can be used for God’s glory. Zack continues to be our jokester. He finds some parts of school very easy (mostly anything to do with reading and comprehension) but is continuing to struggle with Maths. This seems to be mostly based on confidence, rather than ability. Please pray for wisdom for us as we guide him in his growth and help him grow beyond his fear. As for me? I am almost 40. I think that as little should be said about this fact as possible.

Thank you for your faithful and continued support. We appreciate it and pray that we can be worthy of your investment.

In Christ’s love,

Nick, Beth, Abby, and Zack Watt