Nathan Goodpaster UpdatePlease continue to pray for the Nathan and Audrey Goodpaster family during this difficult time. The family is physically safe, and the situation is less urgent than it was initially. Still, there are many unexpected challenges facing this precious family.

We are so thankful for the many selfless servants of Christ in the Philippines and the United States who have been helping them during this time. We are also thankful for the many people who have communicated a desire to help them more, both in prayer and financial support.

As they transition back to the United States, please pray for healing and wisdom for them, for the ministry in the Philippines, and for their many relationships. We expect Audrey and the children to arrive back in the United States by Friday, February 19. We delight in serving God’s choicest servants, and we are trusting our great God!

Please feel free to contact us with any pressing questions.