Mshama Kinyonga Prayer Letter: We Serve a Big God!We are writing this letter Stateside. We have been here in the States since March 17. The Lord has continued to amaze us as we continue to serve Him. As many of you know, the reason for our return is for the birth of our son. We felt it best for mother and baby to return Stateside for delivery, as well as for applying for the needed paperwork. We will be heading back to Tanzania on October 1. Our home base is in Wisconsin near Milwaukee. We are grateful to Pastor Noonan and the folks of Faith Baptist Church for their open arms and their love for people. They have spoiled us tremendously, and we are learning more from them than we could imagine. We are also grateful for the great hospital and health facilities that they have here. Martha went in for her first checkup Stateside, and the doctors tested her blood to find out that her sugar was over 300. We never left the hospital that entire week as they were trying to fix her levels. The team of doctors came in to explain the “luck” that we had for being there at that particular time, but we know that we serve a big and gracious God Who is never late and had already orchestrated this plan before we knew. The doctors have concluded at this time that Martha has gestational diabetes. She currently has to take five insulin shots a day and check her blood sugar four times a day as well. It has been a new and sometimes confusing time, but we are grateful and thankful that God has used these doctors to save the lives of Martha and our baby boy.

As we are here, the ministry in Tanzania must still go on. I speak at least once a week with my assistant pastor, Enock Mwendesha. It’s always a blessing to hear encouraging reports that the people are continuing in what they know to do and are being faithful in serving Him. On Easter Sunday, there were 350 in attendance, 7 baptisms, 5 visitors, and 2 salvations. We are blessed to have our assistant pastor and the deacons of our church to step up and fill the different roles in the ministry. I can feel confident being here, not only because of the faithfulness of the men there but also because all of our members at Grace Baptist Church are stepping up in different areas to help make things run smoothly. Ministry is a team effort, and I am so honored for all the “many hands” that are willing to help.

Please know that we are always grateful for our supporting churches. All the love that we receive by way of cards, letters, emails, etc. always make us feel so special, and we are glad to be your representatives. Thank you for entrusting us with that responsibility. Also, please don’t hesitate to call or email us if we can be of any help to you. Our email is, and our Stateside number is 803.507.8771 until October. Thanks for loving us.

Prayer Requests

• Pray for the health of both Martha and our baby.
• Pray for our assistant pastor as he continues to lead in my absence.
• Pray that GBC will continue to grow and souls will continue to be saved.
• Pray for Tanzania. Many folks are struggling with their daily water supply and the farmers as well.

Your missionaries,

Mshama, Martha, & Esther Kinyonga