Mshama Kinyonga Prayer Letter:  We Finally Have Our Own Property and Building!We hope you all had a great summer and were able to enjoy friends, family, and some relaxation. We know that, at least for the folks in the States, summer is ending and fall is approaching. School is back in session or will be soon along, with college starting. Here in Tanzania we finished our “winter,” and summer is coming. For the past few weeks, it seems that summer for us is already here, for we have had many days of 106⁰ or higher. It’s always our joy to be able to share with you what God is doing here at Grace Baptist Church.

We moved into our church property on July 5. We had 184 in attendance, with 25 visitors. We had wonderful food and just a happy spirit. Our folks are so excited to have our own property and space. We have the freedom to do what we like and the room to do it. Thank you to all of you who prayed and gave so that we could do this. We are so thankful that, in less than a year, God blessed us with our own church building and property.

To give an update on our Bible Clubs, they are doing well. It seems like each week the kids are growing in numbers. It’s like a “sea of kids”, and you literally can’t even put your foot down to step. We thank God that we have the opportunity to reach children. Most of their home lives are poor, both physically and spiritually. Much patience is needed when dealing with kids, but if we just pray and continue teaching, their lives will be changed. Many of them ride the bus to come to church on Sunday. Who knows what these kids can become and the impact that they could have on the world?!

Sometimes you might wonder what happens to all these visitors—do any stay? We thank God for the increase in folks who have joined the church and have stayed. Musa and his wife are one example. They were invited to our July 5 Opening Day. They were saved and baptized and joined the church. He is our night guard for the property, and they both sing in the choir. Another example is Joseph and his wife and their three kids. He wasn’t happy in the Pentecostal church, and he had one of our tracts, so he called. We invited him and his family to come. At first, he just came; but, little by little, his wife and kids started to come as well. He has been “soaking up” the ministry and all that comes with it. Many, many times he will come with me to make visits, etc. Please pray for these families, as well as others that have come just in these few months.

Our one-year anniversary of Grace Baptist Church was on August 9. We really wanted to have a big day. We were inviting and letting people know we were here. We are not far from the main road, although we are surrounded by farmland on three sides. There were 283 people that came, with 49 visitors, 23 salvations, and 9 baptisms.

We also started in a new public school, so now we are in a total of four. Exciting things are happening here at Grace Baptist, but there is much more work to do. Morogoro is growing, and time is ending. We appreciate your faithfulness to us and the ministry here. You are welcome to come and visit any time. Thank you for teaming up with us.

Your missionaries to Tanzania,

Mshama, Marsha, and Esther Kinyonga